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Monday, August 1, 2011

Zombie Playground by Brett Martin – Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

Zombie Playground by Brett Martin – Featured Script of the Month

Zombie Playground by Brett Martin

Zombie Playground by Brett Martin

Children of cohabiting scientists must overcome their prejudices and battle junk food obsessed mutant zombies that take over their playground. (Comedy, Family Adventure)

Read the Script 93 pages in pdf format

Status: Available

Brett MartinWriter Bio: Brett Martin took to a life under the lights on the stage at a very young age. His mother starred in a production of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” while seven months pregnant with the lad. Technically making it, “Ten and a Half Little Indians.”

An academic background in journalism and creative writing led to years of relentless malaise. These were followed by a tenure as an Operations Manager for an anime distribution company in New York. That was followed by a stint as Education Director of a wolf rescue facility in New Mexico. Brett got to take wolves all over the southwest and say cool things about them in front of large groups. One of the wolves got cast in a John Carpenter film, Brett did not.

A nasty car wreck reminded Brett that he should write some stories before he can’t write them anymore. His short script, Lie Detector, was recently optioned by Burning Phoenix Films. Zombie Playground is his first original feature. He talks to producers about it, and lots of them request the script, though this may be a tactic to silence the enthusiastic writer, only time will tell.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Singles Camp by Breanne Mattson – Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

Singles Camp by Breanne Mattson – Featured Script of the Month

Singles Camp by Breanne Mattson

Singles Camp follows the misadventures of Anna Lee Utah, a Kentucky girl who goes to the title place in pursuit of romance. There she encounters wild animals, poachers, illegal loggers and a bizarre cult. It’s a comedy that’s way better than being gagged with a lumberjack sock.

Read the Script 103 pages in pdf format

Status: Available

Breanne MattsonWriter Bio: Breanne Mattson hates bios written in the third person. She thinks they are, as Monty Python’s Graham Chapman would say… silly. That’s why, starting with the next paragraph, she has decided to write her bio in the first person, the way Breanne thinks it rightfully should be.

There. Isn’t this more comfortable?

I started out as a musician performing as a singer/songwriter in Nashville clubs. I segued from there into event coordinating, booking acts for clubs and organizing musical entertainment for everything from festivals to charity events. One day an independent producer approached me about helping him find music for a low budget film, a sort of Walter Mitty style B movie with daydream sequences. I took one look at the script and fell in love with screenwriting.

I’ve written numerous scripts, spanning most every genre. I’ve had one script optioned in Hollywood, originally titled Tormentor. Some of my scripts have been produced independently, such as the feature Immersion or the shorts Cobra Blood Cocktail and the animated Sexual Harassment.

I’m currently working on my directorial debut with the short film Selfless. Shooting has wrapped and the film is currently in post production. I hope one day to produce my script Warning Shot, which was a semifinalist in the BlueCat Fellini Screenplay Competition, for my directorial feature debut.

As for my personal life, I currently reside in Oregon with my husband Michael. I work for KWVT and KSLM television in Salem.

To end as I began, in the third person, Breanne Mattson feels honored and privileged to have her script selected as Script of the Month at Simply Scripts and she hopes you enjoy Singles Camp.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elf-Analysis by Antonio Gangemi and Aimee Parrott Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

Elf-Analysis by Aimee Parrott and Antonio Gangemi – Featured Script of the Month

Elf-Analysis by Antonio Gangemi and Aimee Parrott

Elf-Analysis by Antonio Gangemi and Aimee Parrott

A cynical psychologist analyzes slacking elves in a last-ditch effort to save Christmas. (Comedy)

Read the Script 108 pages in pdf format

Status: Available
Antonio Gangemi and Aimee Parrott

Antonio Gangemi and Aimee ParrottWriter Bio: Husband and wife writing team Aimee Parrott and Antonio Gangemi met on a train platform in Boston in 2003. It was raining cats and dogs, the mood was perfect. They soon discovered that they’d grown up watching the same old movies. Tony had already written one screenplay and Aimee was writing film reviews and working on a novel. It wasn’t long before they decided to move to Southern California to pursue a career in screenwriting. No, they do not miss the snow and cold.

Their neo-noir short, Among Thieves, was produced by Their feature-length comedy, Fight Belle, which was discovered on Simply Scripts, is in pre-production with Integral Pictures. In addition, they have three other independent features (The Complex, Used Car Joey and Man & Wife) in development.

Elf-Analysis is a Christmas comedy that begins in the heart of Boston and travels north. Far north. While Tony and Aimee have never been to Santa’s workshop, they’ve often wondered what an elf would make of a Rorschach blot.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Other Man by Matthew Dressel – Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

The Other Man by Matthew DresselThe Other Man by Matthew DresselOptioned

A weekend in the country turns deadly when an inebriated hunter accidentally shoots a passing motorist and discovers a man captive in his trunk. (Thriller)

Read the Script 97 pages in pdf format

Status: Available

Matthew DresselWriter Bio: Matthew Dressel has been writing comedy screenplays for the past 7 years. His first feature-length comedy, Based on a True Story, has been optioned and is currently in development by Katapult Filmproduktion (Germany), with award-winning music video director Daniel Lwowski directing. Matthew is also personally developing Casting Kristin; a feature-length romantic comedy based on a short he made several years ago.

The Other Man is his first foray into the thriller genre, but still features hints of dark comedy throughout. It was recently a Finalist in the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition.

Matthew also has a degree in advertising and currently works at a trailer house in Los Angeles, CA. He has written copy for such clients as Walt Disney Pictures, Miramax & Rogue Pictures.

Matthew grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, but now lives in Irvine, CA with his wife, who is currently studying for her PhD in Philosophy.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Farm by Robert G. Newcomer – Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

The FarmThe Farm by Robert G. Newcomer

A troubled family must unite to save a young niece from the sinister forces that inhabit a snowbound northern farm. (Horror, Supernatural Thriller)

Read the Script 107 pages in pdf format

Status: Available

Robert G. NewcomerWriter Bio: By day, Robert G. Newcomer works as a medical and scientific writer. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry, and his writing has been published in numerous academic journals as well as a book chapter.

His favorite film is Blade Runner, but his genre of choice is Horror, as seen in his short scripts Someplace Nice and Dark and Salvage. He gave voice to Tanis, narrator for both seasons of the SoulShadows series, and counts his forever-in-progress adventure series Starbuck Starr amongst his personal favorites of his works. Growing up, he spent his summers on an Indiana farm, and notes that the house and every prop found in The Farm, from the windmill on down, do exist in real life.

Robert (bert) is also a moderator for the SimplyScripts discussion board. He was raised in Florida, but has recently moved to the Philadelphia area with his wife, his two sons, and his evil cat. Since arriving up North, he is still trying to figure out the food, the weather, and how he has inexplicably ended up owning four chickens.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Scorsese Club by Greg Baldwin – Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

The Scorsese Club - Will Southard, Trey Astbury, Kevin Oliver, Greg BaldwinThe Scorsese Club by Gregory J. Baldwin

An outcast team of 7th grade filmmakers battle through bullies, wedgies, and book reports for a shot at winning the ultimate prize at an annual youth film festival. (Family Comedy)

Read the Script 105 pages in pdf format

Status: Available

In poster: Will Southard, Trey Astbury,
Kevin Oliver, Greg Baldwin

Greg BaldwinWriter Bio: Greg Baldwin is a recent graduate of San Diego State University where he studied marketing and history. In his post-graduate days he has worked for an agency representing David Hasselhoff, contributed to several independent films, and trained rescued and sheltered dogs. Today he is continuing his education while searching for a fulltime career.

Greg grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and many of the experiences in The Scorsese Club were based on his days as a childhood filmmaker with his friends. His other work on the boards includes Addiction, a comedy about America’s obsession with an early social networking website, The Lost Ghost, a Gothic horror short, and Winner Takes All, a Monopoly-themed comedy short. Also in the works is the apocalyptic adventure All Highways Lead Downtown, a project two years in the making that Greg hopes to have finished this spring.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Open Your Mind by Martin Lancaster – Featured Unproduced Script of the Month - post author Don

By Sean Elwood - seanelwoodart.blogspot.comOpen Your Mind by Martin Lancaster

In a world where cranial surgery is the new heroin of a deteriorating nation, a hardened ex-con fights for his sanity and his life against the cartel boss responsible for his incarceration. (Thriller) 97 pages in pdf format

Read the Script

Status: Available/Under Consideration

poster by Sean Elwood

Writer Bio: Martin Lancaster is a full-time writer and narrative designer for video games. He’s recently completed work on the story for Crysis 2 together with sci-fi author Richard Morgan. The game is due for release on March 22nd and will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

His screenplays have been translated into several short films and a television pilot, and he recently embarked on his first short film project as producer/director: an adaptation of the short story ‘Berenice’ by Edgar Allan Poe. He lives in Frankfurt, Germany with his girlfriend and a chili plant named Dante. You can view some of Martin’s work on his website at MartinLancaster.Com

Martin has been active on the discussion forum since 2005. Some of his other works include shorts such as Araucaria, The Universe Explained? and Vixen which you can read on our Discussion Forum

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Artwork provided by Sean Elwood

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introducing the upcoming Featured Script - post author Don

Forthcoming will be the Unproduced Featured Script of the Month.

Each month, one script, selected from scripts nominated by you writers will be featured on the home page of The intent is to highly some of the best unproduced feature length scripts that can be found on SimplyScripts.

My sincerest thanks to: Breanne, Greg Baldwin, James McClung, Javier (jayrex), Jordan (The Boy Who Could Fly), Matias (Mr. Z), Me (Pia), Phil (dogglebe), Rick (scartissuefilms), Sean (Zombie Sean) and moderators Bert, George Willson, Michael Cornetto, Mike Shelton, Nixon and Wesley.

They provided an extraordinary amount of input on not only the Featured Script, but also came up with the idea of going with a Short Script of the Day.

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