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Friday, July 12, 2019

Original Script Sunday (has come on a Friday!1!) - post author Don

Over on the Original Unproduced Scripts page are thirty scripts for your reading pleasure.

– Don

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Original Script Sunday - post author Don

We are back posting original scripts which you can find on the Original Unproduced Scripts Page.

The Writers’ Tourney is still on going. You can follow that on the Discussion Board

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Script Shop Show podcast – Texas Annie “Legend of the Moan Ranger” by Jennifer Howd & Ross Mihalko - post author Don

Script Sho ShowI am a regular (as of April) Patreon supporter of the Script Shop Show. I am one of many supporters of the show. You should be a supporter, too.

They most importantly talk about this feature script Texas Annie “Legend of the Moan Ranger” by Jennifer Howd & Ross Mihalko.

“Texas Annie tells the musical tale of a renegade dildo runner in Texas when sex toys are declared illegal.”

Listen to the show and more importantly, please support them. And check them out on twitter. Twitter is their jam.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Original Script Sunday - post author Don

Over on the Original Scripts page are twenty five original scripts for your reading pleasure.

Note: script submissions are closed temporarily until the Writers’ Tournament concludes.


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Original Script Sunday for May 5th - post author Don

Over on the Original Scripts page are twenty eight original scripts. If you’ve been following our One Week Challenge, Writers’ Choice has been announced. Check them out!

– Don

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Original Script Sunday for April 14th - post author Don

Over on the Original Scripts page are fifteen original scripts for your reading pleasure.

– Don

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sophie The Gelded Space Stallion – International Release Poster Now Available1!!! - post author Don

Sophie The Gelded Space StallionSophie the Gelded Space Stallion (432 pages in pdf format) by Don Boose

Born in the high cliffs of the mountains of Kansas, Sophie, our equine hero, is kidnapped by an ancient race of aliens from Xadu. Sophie escapes in her quest to save the universe and if not the universe, perhaps his Mother.

Slowly, but slowly making progress on getting Sophie to theaters. We finally have the international release poster completed. It’s been a long four weeks, but we think that now that our graphic artist has completed all four MS-Paint classes, the wait was worth it.
Last year we released the placeholder, pre-pre-vis teaser trailer. There is still a lot of placeholder footage and placeholder dialogue and placeholder music, but this pre-vis teaser trailer occupies the same space as the official teaser trailer will occupy when it is done.
We’ve had a lot of re-shoots over the past year as the previous footage was lost to a dumpster fire when the director of photography and most of the actors rage quit due to the fact that their mouths were unable to correctly form the words in the order that were written. And, some of them wanted to be paid. In money.

Still, look for it in theaters near you, April 2020.

About the writer: Don Boose has been spinning tales of space opera gold since 1999. Everything he touches turns to crap. He doesn’t believe in second drafts. The words come from somewhere in space, fully formed and go into his head and through his fingers on to the written page. He is not available for re-writes.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Second Act screenplay - post author Don

Thanks Phillip for this!

Second Act – August 18, 2017 revised script by Justin Zackham & Elaine Goldsmith Thomas (Zackham/Segal Revision) – hosted by: Daily Script – in pdf format

A big box store worker reinvents her life and her life-story and shows Madison Avenue what street smarts can do.

Information courtesy of

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Perfect Pair by Mark Moore – Short Script Review – Available for production - post author LC

The Perfect Pair (10 pages in pdf format) by Mark Moore

An improbable pair meet their match.

As the old saying goes: We can’t choose our family… But we can definitely choose who we fall in love with. Or can we? Perhaps it boils down to simple relationship chemistry, that special connection and instant spark, but attraction is definitely in the eye of the beholder and can mean many different things to different people.

What happens if the object of your affection is not of the warm-blooded variety? In Spike Jonz’ movie, Her, Theodore falls in love with Samantha, a computer operating system. In Lars And The Real Girl, the impossibly shy Lars teams up with a lifelike plastic doll named Bianca. In Blade Runner, Rick Deckard has a dalliance with a beautiful droid named Rachael, and in TED, a bromance develops between John and his foulmouthed childhood teddy bear come to life.

In similar fashion Mark Moore’s The Perfect Pair examines the relationship between Kevin, a big lug of a guy in his twenties and his very unconventional relationship with girlfriend, Nicole. Kevin is what we’d call a late bloomer and in true Millennial form he is yet to leave the nest.

The dilemma facing long-suffering parents, Frank and Peggy, is not simply what do you do when your adult kid won’t cut the apron strings, but what do you do when the object of your son’s affection is a sock-puppet named Nicole? They’ve been open-minded and patient up until now, allowing Nicole to share their home, their dinner table, even allowing Nicole to share Kevin’s bed, but they’re at their tipping point – Frank’s taken to hyperventilating over the whole affair and something drastic has to be done.

Frank and Peggy take the ‘tough love’ route issuing Kevin with an ultimatum: Either he finds ‘an actual woman of the human kind’ or he’s out.

So, what’s a guy like Kev to do? Go to an Internet dating site of course, rustle up a good sort with shared interests (in this case sock-puppets) and hope and pray for compatibility.

But, what of fiery red-head, Nicole? She’s not going to go easy. And she’s definitely not the sharing type.

Talk about a bizarre love triangle.

Filmmakers: Do you like the comedy in your RomCom veering into absurd, screwball, and laugh-out-loud whilst maintaining sweet and sentimental on the romantic side?

Reminiscent of Lars And The Real Girl and Something About Mary and with an hilarious montage that’ll have your audience laughing out loud, The Perfect Pair could be your perfect debut.

About the Writer: Mark Moore is an aspiring screenwriter originally from Ireland, currently residing in Upstate New York. He has had multiple shorts produced, including one award winner and currently have another on option. He typically enjoys writing comedy and can be reached at mmrem24 (a)

Read The Perfect Pair (10 pages in pdf format)

This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

Find more scripts available for production.

About the reviewer: L. Chambers has been writing all her life – especially in her head, and on scraps of paper. It’s only in the last few years she began to get serious about screen-writing. Prior to this she worked in the Features Department for ABC TV as a Program Assistant, and trained as a FAD. She currently works as a freelance web-content editor and lives with her husband (also a screenwriter) in Sydney, Australia.

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