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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dressed To Kill – Filmed - post author Don

This just in from Jerry.

“A film student shot… [my short, Dressed to Kill] (with my permission, of course). I did authorize him to make one very obvious change, and I think it works well. Anyway, I kinda dug seeing my script come to life, so… here it is:”

Dressed To Kill from Tyson Maughan on Vimeo.

Read the original script Dressed to Kill by Jerry Akin – Short, Drama – A distressed widower prepares for revenge. 4 pages – pdf format

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Time Radio transcripts - post author Don

Thanks to Marie for the heads up some recent additions to Generic Radio. Check out these American Civil War radio shows from Cavalcade, Escape and The Columbia Workshop. You can find them and more on the Old Time Radio transcripts page.

And, if you are of a mind to actually listen to some of these shows, check out the Old Time Radio Catalog. – Don

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Babz Buzz – 011 - post author Don

Babz BuzzBabz Buzz

Each month Literary Agent, Babz Bitela of Silver Bitela Agency talks soup to nuts about screenwriting.

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In this installment Babz talks about…

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Babz Buzz is produced by Michael Cornetto and released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 3.0 license*

Music provided by Incompetech

You can subscribe to Babz Buzz as well as SimplyScripts Radio and the occasional iScript on iTunes

*In English, this podcast can be share with others as long as you mention the site and link back, but you can’t change it in any way or use it commercially.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Other Man by Matthew Dressel – Featured Script of the Month - post author Don

The Other Man by Matthew DresselThe Other Man by Matthew DresselOptioned

A weekend in the country turns deadly when an inebriated hunter accidentally shoots a passing motorist and discovers a man captive in his trunk. (Thriller)

Read the Script 97 pages in pdf format

Status: Available

Matthew DresselWriter Bio: Matthew Dressel has been writing comedy screenplays for the past 7 years. His first feature-length comedy, Based on a True Story, has been optioned and is currently in development by Katapult Filmproduktion (Germany), with award-winning music video director Daniel Lwowski directing. Matthew is also personally developing Casting Kristin; a feature-length romantic comedy based on a short he made several years ago.

The Other Man is his first foray into the thriller genre, but still features hints of dark comedy throughout. It was recently a Finalist in the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition.

Matthew also has a degree in advertising and currently works at a trailer house in Los Angeles, CA. He has written copy for such clients as Walt Disney Pictures, Miramax & Rogue Pictures.

Matthew grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, but now lives in Irvine, CA with his wife, who is currently studying for her PhD in Philosophy.

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