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Friday, August 17, 2007

Silent Universe episode 7, A Man Called Rejoice and a Ton of OTR scripts and transcripts - posted by Don

It is a flood of radio scripts! Silent Universe has release the pre-production draft of Episode 7: Hello World. Now is the time to get your input into the story before it goes to production. The teaser is Some thought that the dawn of the Second Space Age would unite humanity in a common cause. Dreams of grand utopias, fevered the minds of visionaries and futurists, who proclaimed that the stars would save us from ourselves… They couldn’t have been more wrong.. The production values on Silent Universe are fantastic. The scripts are not read, they are performed by voice actors that do this for a living. I highly recommend you sci-fi fans check it out.

On another note, more back to earth, James Whyle has release the script to his radio play A Man called Rejoice which has been broadcast numerous times by the BBC Radio 3. I haven’t found an audio copy of the play online, but you can buy it for a buck at The Home of MiDor. Personally, I’d love to see the audio play released under a Creative Commons license. James’ work has been published as Rejoice Burning by Aurora Metro Press in New South African Plays.

Thanks so much to Marie for the heads up on these, too many to list here, scripts and transcripts from the Golden Age of Radio. There is the ‘manly espionage thriller’ David Harding, Counterspy, a handful of Sci Fi dramas like The Planet Man and Tales of Tomorrow as well as more recognizable series like Little Orphan Annie, Mark Trail and Escape. It is folks like Generic Radio Workshop and Early Radio that makes this stuff available to you, the reader.

So, skip on over to the Radio Scripts and transcripts page and do some reading. – Don

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lost scripts, Dr. Who, Drive and unproduced scripts - posted by Don

Thanks to Ron and the two anonymous individuals for their kind and generous donation to SimplyScripts.

Shout out to John and Renee, two scriptarians who attended the Harry Potter party at the Whistlestop Bookshop friday night.

For those hunting around for the lost Lost scripts (not transcripts) those can now be found here.

Updated the TV Scripts and Transcripts database where in you will find, among other things the first episode of season three of Dr. WhoSmith and Jones. This comes from BBC’s Writer’s Room which also has teleplays of episodes of Life on Mars, Casualty and Hustle. Find also on the TV Scripts page, thanks to Weekly Script, episode 2 of Deadwood and, thanks to TimMinear[dot]net, you can read the last to episodes of Drive. (You can also watch the last two episodes of Drive on the Fox Myspace page.

Lastly, I’ve cleared out the backlog of Unproduced scripts which you can find on the unproduced scripts page. – Don

Monday, February 19, 2007

30 Unproduced scripts and My Science Fiction Life - posted by Don

On the unproduced scripts page there are thirty new or revised original screenplays up. We are heavy on the shorts this week which is perfect for those of you with short attention… Hey, let’s go ride bikes!… spans.

Thanks to Eleanor and the BBC for the heads up on this. The BBC has started a web series about how Science Fiction films have influenced your life. Take for example, Twelve Monkeys. Write about your recollections of the film and its influence on you. You have until April of 2007 to share your recollections about the place science fiction has had in your life. The aim is a collective, user-written autobiography of science fiction. – Don

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