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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

30 Unproduced original scripts up - post author Don

Been a long evening. More updates to the Unproduced Scripts section. I had quite the back log and finally over the past two day have gotten up 48 original, unproduced scripts. Granted that is a lot of scripts to read. As a consolation to the writers whose scripts may have gotten buried in today or yesterday’s update, I’ve randomly selected 30 of the recently submitted scripts and will be showcasing them on the Unproduced Script of the Day link. Now, will their log line entice you to read their script? Find out, starting tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Eighteen unproduced original scripts - post author Don

Eighteen scripts up on the Unproduced Scripts page.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boondock Saints Script - post author Don

You know you have been dying to read it. Read it now. Read the screenplay to The Boondock Saints. Thanks to The Weekly Script. You can find it on the Movie Scripts page.

And, did you know that the unrated, special edition dvd just came out? Buy it. My babies need new shoes.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wonderland Transcript and The Village Script (was The Woods) - post author Don

Thanks to “Del-Ray” and Awesomefilm there is a wonderfully well done transcript (not the script kids, sorry,) of Wonderland which fictionally documents the later life of the mythic porn star John Holmes. It starred Val Kilmer, Lisa Kudrow (of ?Friends? fame) and Kate Bosworth and documents Holmes’ involvement in the gruesome Wonderland Avenue drug-murder case where the bodies of four people were found bludgeoned to death. Keen on learning more? Visit page on the The Wonderland Murders.

Thanks to Anonymous and Horror Lair an early draft of M. Night Shyamalan?s The Village (before it was The Village and known as The Woods) is available to read. These and more would be available on the Movie Scripts page.

Hey Dean! Great to hear from you, again. Jeez, thought you’d died in some drug-murder-bludgeoning-gone-horribly-wrong thing. Glad to hear that you were just doing a lot of writing. Seriously, I’m working on that whole fantasy/reality blurring thing. Behind in the updates, as usual.

More Later,


Monday, May 22, 2006

Little Black Book Script - post author Don

Thanks to Just a Guy in Hollywood we have this early draft of Melissa Carter’s Little Black Book. On the movie scripts page.

Written in haste.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Pacifier Script - post author Don

For you Vin Diesel fans, Just a Guy in Hollywood has got up a revised draft of The Pacifier. That would be on the Movie Script page.

Do you wonder what “EXT.” and “INT.” mean? How about “O.S.” or “V.O.” or “Slug Line”? If you didn’t know, there is a glossary of screenwriting terms available on the Writer’s Resource page. Available there are articles about screenwriting, screenplay contests, protecting your work and more.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sleepaway Camp III Script - post author Don

Sleepaway Camp – another film from the 80’s that spawned several sequels. Well, the folks at Sleep Away Camp Films have put up a revised draft of Sleepaway Camp III and a few pages of the first film Sleepaway Camp. If you are a big, big fan of the Sleepaway Camp films, do check out Sleep Away Camp Films for some great info and perhaps a little insight into the upcoming Return to Sleepaway Camp (Sleepaway Camp V: The Reunion). Not sure what is going on with that tho. Every update seems to stop in November of 2005 as evidenced by movie info on Upcoming Horror Movies and the Official Site. Creepy-ish. Anywho, slink your way over to the movie scripts page and have a look. Thanks to anonymous for the heads up.

And yes, Will. Everybody and their freaking mother now knows that Daily Script is back up.


Twenty-eight original scripts to read - post author Don

I think the title says it all. On the Unproduced Scripts page there are twenty-eight original scripts up for your reading pleasure.

In case you’ve not noticed, Daily Script is back up.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Both Sex and Horror, but not together – Desperate Housewives pilot script and The Hills Have Eyes - post author Don

They are on the Movie Script Page, thanks to my arch nemesis (curse you Red Baron) and The Movie Page you can read Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes before it was The Hills Have Eyes and when it was Blood Relations The Sun Wars.

Thanks to Just A Guy In Hollywood you can read the pilot, first writer’s draft of Desperate Housewives. That would be on the Television Scripts page.

Written in haste

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