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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sleepaway Camp III Script - post author Don

Sleepaway Camp – another film from the 80’s that spawned several sequels. Well, the folks at Sleep Away Camp Films have put up a revised draft of Sleepaway Camp III and a few pages of the first film Sleepaway Camp. If you are a big, big fan of the Sleepaway Camp films, do check out Sleep Away Camp Films for some great info and perhaps a little insight into the upcoming Return to Sleepaway Camp (Sleepaway Camp V: The Reunion). Not sure what is going on with that tho. Every update seems to stop in November of 2005 as evidenced by movie info on Upcoming Horror Movies and the Official Site. Creepy-ish. Anywho, slink your way over to the movie scripts page and have a look. Thanks to anonymous for the heads up.

And yes, Will. Everybody and their freaking mother now knows that Daily Script is back up.


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