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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Run – Short Script Review - posted by Ingrid Short

Run (pdf format) by Victor Miranda

A running athlete has all the motivation he needs to win a race.

This story is particularly resonant in light of the ever increasing refugee crisis.

Our protagonist Mondon, the son of an African farmer, is a runner. But a runner out of necessity when his village is pillaged by mercenaries. He saves the life of an orphaned little girl who is later able to repay the kindness when her circumstances change.

Fleeing his village he lands in a refugee camp where, despite compromised circumstances, he is still able to train. A gift from the little girl he saved gives him the tools to escape and run to something better.

This is a powerful, visceral, and poignant story.

Pages: 4 pages

Budget: Medium Budget. Stock stadium crowd footage, running track, creativity needed with mercenaries. Oh, and a few runners and a little girl.

About the Writer: Victor Miranda hails from Mexico and has a degree in International Relations. He’s written 4 short films and 2 features ones. Next year he plans to submit one of his features to the Black List. Victor can be reached at: vmmr.87 (a)

Read Run (PDF format)

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This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Under the Oaks – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - posted by simplyscriptshorts

Under the Oaks (pdf format) by Ryan Lee

Two Civil War soldiers, one Union, the other Confederate, confront each other during the Battle of Appomattox.

Different shorts have different purposes.  Some are meant to shock.  Others are meant to explore a theme: a political issue, a moral quandary – or any one of a million ‘what if’ scenarios that can be dreamed up by the creative mind.  Then there are scripts that are a little simpler – just a slice of human life and emotion.  With the right director, and actors – sometimes those are the most effective.

Here for your consideration is Under the Oaks – a quiet little piece about two soldiers from opposite sides of the Civil War fence.  Facing mortality; together.  Nothing much is needed in the way of FX. A bit of gunfire sound effects, two Civil War costumes – and two actors that can really command a scene.

Page Length: Four

Expected Budget: Minimal

Primary Genre: Drama

About the Writer: Living in CA, Ryan Lee can be contacted via ryanlee1800 AT yahoo. His IMDB credits can be viewed here.

About the Reviewer: STS

Read Under the Oaks (pdf format)

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This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Color of War – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - posted by wonkavite

The Color of War

A soldier separated from his family by war explores the ruined shambles of his home

War stories. Whether you’re talking WII films like Twelve O’Clock High, or more SONY’s recent Fury… When you strip them down to their essentials, they’re not about guns, bullets or planes. They’re about people. And how they deal with tragic situations – which tear families and friends apart. Because soldiers are more than “uniforms.” Underneath, we’re all human. And we bleed…

Take for instance, Norman Metcalf: a 30-something soldier in an unnamed war. But whatever’s happened is devastating – massive destruction on American soil.

When the script opens, Norman’s in his old neighborhood… or what’s left of it. Destroyed cars and bodies in the streets. Smoke lingers in the air. And before him – the burned-out shell of his own home. He hears the voices of his wife Rebecca and young daughter Zoe. Echoes of conversations from before the war. Bewildered and confused, he runs inside.

The voices continue as Norman explores the remnants of his life (at least, what can be retrieved from the rubble.) Memories return to haunt him. As do regrets: precious moments with his daughter he blew by; and which will never come again. He reaches Zoe’s room, upstairs. But does he dare go inside…?

War stories. You either love or hate them. But when done right, such stories transcend the genre. The setting; irrelevant – they’re pure drama. Poignant. Heartbreaking. And above all else – human.

About the writer: Rod Thompson is an award winning screenwriter of both features and shorts. His feature, “The Squire” won Best Drama for the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay contest, and he has placed numerous times for his shorts at His short scripts “Gimme Shelter” and “A Memory in Winter” have both been optioned through their exposure on’s “Shootin’ The Shorts.” He is also “the most humble man alive.”

Pages: 6

Budget: Mid range. Some of the destruction of war can be implied. Find a desolate area, and one ruined house – and the rest of it will fall in line.





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