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Monday, June 25, 2012

Yet More Original Scripts - posted by Don

Unproduced Scripts for Monday, June 25, 2012

Machetes Coming by kamil murat
(Short, Comedy) – Carlos hides himself in a church tower after killing an old man. After a couple minutes he hears two men climbing the tower stairs with machetes. 6 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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Cattraeth by Jeff Williams
(Action, Adventure) – The 6th century AD and the people of The Island of Britain are faced with extinction – The Savages, fierce invaders from across the seas, have driven all before them and now control all of the land but for a few beleagured outposts. In one of them, far in the north, an elite force of cavalry gathers – as Roman an army as ever there was – preparing to ride out through The Wall and with fire and iron reclaim The Island for those it truly belongs to. And although none yet know it, their destiny and the future of The Island will all be decided within the walls of Cattraeth. 116 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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Knockers by Brendan Nevison
(Comedy) – The adventures and struggles of a yorkshire based Acident claims company. (pdf – formatting: )
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How I Met Your Mother: Pinocchio & The Platypus by J. Wierzbicki (steex)
(Series) – Ted helps Barney pull one of his most absurd plays. Robin meets someone famous. Marshall wears tight pants. 40 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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