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Monday, February 25, 2008

OWC Scripts – Batch 3! - post author Don

hear your scriptThe third batch of six scripts in the One Week Challenge is up. Participants had a week to write a 12 page dramatic script on the theme of Prison Cell. The scripts will be posted in groups of six or seven over the next five days.

Please note, when you click on the title of the script, it will take you to the discussion board thread for that script. Click on the title again and poof! the script will appear.

Just a note on the scripts up for Oscar contention that the studios have put up. Now that the Oscar season is over, the studios will start taking the scripts down. Fox Searchlight, oddly enough, has already pulled Juno, The Savages and Once. A few are still available cached on google or msn. In those cases were I was able to find a cached copy, I’ve swapped out the link. So, now would be the time to download your favorite Oscar related script before they disappear completely. – Don

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