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Monday, February 25, 2008

Entrapment script, Entrapment script and Entrapment script - post author Don

We have a three-fer today.

Thanks to Daily Script and the most excellent Donovan there are three drafts of Entrapment.

The first draft of Entrapment has been on the ‘net for years.

As Donovan writes… So now we have the Eight Draft and the Tenth Draft, both of which are by Don Macpherson & William Broyles Jr. It took me a long time to allocate authorship for the Tenth, because it turns out they were BOTH rewriting the script at the same time (not one after the other as is usually the case) plus the script is formatted differently to the Eighth Draft and the cover page lists the writers in the wrong order (which originally led me to suspect the Tenth Draft was by a secret ‘script doctor’ who didn’t even put his name on the cover). But I now believe the Tenth is by Macpherson & Broyles… despite the fact that Macpherson is uncredited on the finished film. Both scripts are a bit uneven but very interesting. The Eight Draft is an ‘early rewrite’ which retains Ron Bass’ original ‘Hong Kong handover’ setting for the climax. The Tenth Draft is a late (but not final) ‘production draft’ and moves the climax to Kuala Lumpur on Millennium Eve (as in the finished film). There are many other differences, though. The Tenth Draft is a surprisingly good read.

Donovan, thanks for the excellent research on the history of these two drafts. So, skip over to the Movie Scripts page and compare and contrast. – Don

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