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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Grace – short script review – available for production - post author Don

Grace by Jane Therese

When a young singer is mugged, her bravery inspires the teen who robbed her.

A beautiful singing voice is a true gift. It’s not something that can be taught or learned, but with proper training it can be perfected. And if the owner of this incredible gift is brave and confident enough to share it, our ears and souls are blessed.

Sixteen-year-old, Grace, has been given this gift, and she shares it with anyone who has ears. Her voice echoes off the walls of the subway station, momentarily tuning out the sound of screeching metal, turning the grungy surroundings into a concert hall. Her audience is captivated, showing their appreciation by tossing money into her tip bucket. But not everyone is focused on her voice, and in a flash… her money is stolen by a troubled teen, Spike.

Grace is aptly named, as she holds herself that way, despite her many struggles. She washes her clothes at the laundromat, bathes in a gas station bathroom sink, eats left over food from the diner where she works… because Grace is homeless. But her struggles don’t end there, and neither does her run-in with Spike.

Most people are drawn to Grace’s amazing voice, but there is something else that draws Spike toward her. He follows her. Watches her. His rough exterior softens. Grace touches Spike’s soul in a completely different way.

GRACE is a beautiful portrayal of strength, bravery and survival.

Production: Low to moderate. Several locations are involved, including a subway, a diner and a stage, but all can be constructed with a little creativity. The most challenging aspect is to find someone to play Grace.

About the Writer: Jane Therese is an award winning screenwriter and photojournalist living in Bucks County, Pa. Jane moved to the East Coast from Orange County, California in 1976 and fell in love with it’s stimulating richness. Jane’s passion for writing and photojournalism, compelled her to delve deep in her ‘backyard’ for her storytelling. Her features include, The Celery Fields, House of the White Bee, La Llorna, A Day in the Life of Jaime; Breaking the Silence of Autism, to name just a few. Jane continues to spend time dedicated to her craft, continuing to tell stories, shedding light on the human experience and their transformations. Jane can be contacted at: janetheresephoto (a) yahoo

Read Grace (12 pages in pdf format)

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This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

About the Reviewer: Marnie Mitchell-Lister has creative A.D.D. Some of her writing can be read here: Some of her photography can be seen here:

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