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Friday, March 16, 2007

Crank and Casino Royale scripts - post author Don

Thanks to Irish Films, Inc. for the heads up on these two from ‘anonymous’ and Daily Script – read Crank and Casino Royale (2006 remake). Find them on the movie scripts page. – Don

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Manipulating Life - post author Don

Congratulations to Joseph. His short script Manipulating Life has been filmed by Aaron Jenkins. You can view the teaser and submission to The Lot.


Dr. Sproul attempts to rid the world of his greatest creation. His two closest colleagues try to stop him while his autistic son slows him down.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Black Snake Moan - post author Don

On the unproduced scripts page we have Alan’s supernatural drama The Touch about a 10-year-old with supernatural powers; Ayham’s drama The Princess of Kandahar about friendship and survival in the mean streets of Kandahar; and Eric Dickson’s Zodiac Thriller Night of the Red Phantom. By the way, Eric is the screenwriter of the upcoming The Utah Murder Project.

Thanks to “anonymous” and Daily Script read Black Snake Moan. Find it on the Movie Scripts page.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Utah Murder project and Terror Report - post author Don

Thanks to Daily Script and Eric Dickson, read the writer’s draft of the upcoming The Utah Murder Project.

From the mind what brought you PlanetFall and Horror, Inc (that would be Michael Hegle) read Jim Barrett’s Terror Report. Both would be found on the Movie Scripts page.

And, making good on a promise from about six years ago, see the listing of movie scripts by genre.

Action  Adventure  Animation  Biography  Comedy  Crime  Documentary  Drama  Family  Fantasy  Film-Noir  History  Horror  Musical  Mystery  Romance  Sci-Fi  Short  Silent  Sports  Suspense  Thriller  War  Western 

Submission forms and contact forms are still down. Still working on a solution. – Don

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Highlander season five scripts and Tombstone script - post author Don

Thanks to Russell for the heads up that Anthology is back up and running with a bunch of Highlander season 5 scripts. In addition there are a ton of transcripts (well done ones, too) of Torchwood, Heroes and Jake 2.0 to name a few.

Thanks to Dennis and WeeklyScript for this draft script of Tombstone.

Skip on over to the TV Scripts (and transcripts) page to see what else is there.

Note: I’ve finally gotten the Link of the Day problem worked out. – Don

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Unproduced scripts and Saving the Blue Note - post author Don

On the Unproduced Scripts page we have thirty nine new and revised scripts up for your reading pleasure. Also, I’ve split the full list of unproduced scripts into two sections. At 3,000 unproduced scripts, the full list of unproduced scripts was taking too long to come up. So, read A to L scripts and M to Z scripts.

Go see Saving the Blue Note

If you are in the Chicago area this month, go see Saving the Blue Note (formerly called The Swingin’ Sounds of Jack Amsterdam) written by our own Mike Shelton

Now playing at:
St. Gabriel’s Auditorium
4500 S Wallace Ave
Chicago, IL 60609

The best way to get tickets is at the door, or by calling 773-538-8272 to check availability.

Show times:
Saturday, March 3rd – 8pm
Sunday, March 4th – 3pm
Saturday, March 10th – 8pm
Saturday, March 17th – 8pm
Sunday, March 18th – 3pm (The Hangover Matinee!)

Tickets – $15

If you’ve seen the play, drop your review in here

Script submissions and contact form have been closed temporarily. Spammers found the submission forms and I’m getting hammered with spam. If anyone knows of a good submission form validator to prevent spam, please let me know via email to webmaster (at) simplyscripts(dot) com . – Don

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Spanish scripts, Thank you and Hi Tim McG! - post author Don

I get a lot of requests for scripts in foreign languages. I have a pretty sparse collection (but still, the biggest I’ve seen on the ‘net) of scripts in languages other than English. Sam has sent over his unproduced work Samuel Dalva for you readers and learners of Spanish. This is a mystery of two men, Leo and Samuel who live in different times and different places and who’s lives are intertwined. Check out Sam’s work on the Non English Scripts page. (Does anyone have a suggestion for a better name?)

Thank you to Spence and an Anonymous donor for their generous donations to the site. In Spence’s case, this is three months overdue. My apologies. Thanks for helping keep the site going.

Lastly, a shout out to Tim McG – I now know that at least one person subscribes to the RSS feed. – Don

Friday, March 2, 2007

London Fields, Rocky, The Number 23 - post author Don

Thanks to “No One” and Daily Script Read this early draft of the latest movie in the Rocky franchise – Rocky: Puncher’s Chance (renamed as Rocky Balboa. Thanks to “anonymous” and Horror Lair read this early draft of The Number 23. Lastly, thanks to “Alex” and Martin Amis Web , you can read this unproduced screenplay
by Roberta Hanley of Martin Amis’ book London Fields. At one point David Cronenberg was attached to direct. These and more can be found on the Movie Scripts page. – Don

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