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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Writers Guilds 101 Greatest Screenplays - post author Don

On April 7, 2006, the Writers Guild of America, west (WGAw) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) announced the 101 Greatest Screenplays of all time. I’ve been able to find 76 of them on the ‘net for download. If there is only one draft on the ‘net, I’ve linked directly to the draft. If there are multiple drafts available, I’ve linked to the Simply Scripts Script Search results page. If there is no link for a script, then that means I couldn’t find a copy of the script on the ‘net. In this case, you might try a site like ScriptShack. Note also that the list only includes Screenplays. I am aware that there may be dialogue transcripts of some of these movies on the ‘net, however, I’ve chosen not to include them here. You can find most of the scripts on the WGA Greatest Screenplays page.

– Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Watch ‘What the Muffins? ‘ - post author Don

Jeff, Chris and Matt have created, written and filmed their own online sitcom, What the Muffins. You can Watch five episodes and follow the lives of Jeff, Chris and Matt, through some highly improbable chain of events involving Ninja Turtle DVDs. They all have at least some bit of geek in them, although it takes on different forms.

On What the Muffins you will find some very interesting information on the equipment and software they used to create the sitcom. You will also find that they have this nifty “SimplyScripts” button. I’m right below John August, yet above Rotten Tomatoes. I have a warm feeling right now. You can get more information on What the Muffins on the TV Scripts page.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Teleplays of Tom Fontana, Jordan Mechner & John August - post author Don

It is always a treat to see screenwriters post their stuff on the ‘net. Tom Fontana has a few scripts up from Oz, Homicide and my personal favoriate St. Elsewhere. Up on, John has posted several scripts and treatments to the didn’t quite get off the ground pilot of Ops. Those teleplays and more are on the TV Scripts page.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mean Girls and April Short Screenwriting Exercise - post author Don

Thanks to Vern and Rob and Daily Script. Read this draft of Tina Fey’s script Mean Girls. There are Mean Girls on the Movie Scripts page.

And finally, the scripts are up for the one week writing exercise/challenge/thing. As you recall, the genre was comedy. The theme – “Why is everyone shooting at me?”. We had thirteen submissions. Twelve were by the prolific Roger Smith and one by the less prolific Kassius Play. Why don’t you go check them out?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Twenty-seven new and revised original scripts up! - post author Don

Good morning. On the unproduced scripts page we have twenty-seven scripts up for your reading pleasure. Also, we had a pretty good turnout for the one week excercise, however those will not be up until tomorrow or so.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bachelor Party! - post author Don

So, what does the one week challenge/excercise thing have in common with the Neal Israel and Pat Proft penned script Bachelor Party?


Still, get your submission in for the one week challenge/excercise thing by Friday, midnight (in your time zone). Then, thanks to Dennis and The Weekly Script, you can hop over to the Movie Scripts page and read the 1984 shooting draft of Bachelor Party. Before you get your hopes up, this isn’t the 1957 film, The Bachelor Party written by Paddy Chayefsky. Bachelor Party starred Tom Hanks.

Hey, also got the Plays page cleaned up a bit. So, if you are feeling a little need for reading a classic or contemporary stage play, the plays section where you would go to find one.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Eleventh Hour Teleplay and Lost Pilot Script - post author Don

A couple of nice items on the TV Scripts page. Thanks to Joseph for the heads up and Sci Fi Scripts and “k-1.c-1.” there is an early draft of a new UK Television show Eleventh Hour. Eleventh Hour stars Patrick Steward as Professor Ian Hood who is called in by the British government to tackle disasters caused by modern science.

Thanks to The Hatch we can read an unspecified, undated draft of the pilot episode of Lost. For those of you in the states, new episode of Lost on tonight.

So, two new scripts on the TV Scripts Page.

Also, the one week challenge/excercise thing is underway. This month’s theme is “Why is everyone always shooting at me?”. The genre: comedy. Write a script no longer than 15 pages. This is open to anyone. Get your submission over to me by Friday, April 14, 2006 before 11:59 pm in your respective timezone. You can get a little more info on the discussion board.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gremlins - post author Don

Thanks to “Vern” and Horrorlair now on the ‘net is the early draft of the Christopher Columbus penned screenplay Gremlins. Gremlins was one of the defining movies of my youth particularly insomuch as this was one of the first movies starring Phoebe Cates in which she didn’t remove her top. Seriously, after the movie I walked out of the theatre feeling a little cheated. That was then and this is now. Now, I look back on that experience and think how seriously shallow I was. Then again. I still am. Anywho… That script can be read on the Movie Scripts page.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Who’s Your Daddy, Arthur King? - post author Don

Thanks to Cindy (quite a prolific writer in her own right) for the heads up on the script Who’s Your Daddy courtesy of Coherent Visual. Coherent Visual also has an interview with one of the script writers which may be of interest to you. Hey, thanks to Stephen for the heads up on some great transcripts of King Arthur found over at Crescent-stars. These scripts (and transcripts) and more can be found on the Movie Scripts (and the occasional transcript) page.

Thank you to the two anonymous individuals and their very generous donation to It really helps to keep the site going and getting better. Thanks!

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