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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Old Time Radio Saturday - posted by Don

Lux Radio Theatre: Miracle on 34th Street – transcript- from: Generic Radio

A department store Santa Claus insists that he’s the real Kris Kringle.


Information courtesy of Generic Radio

Lights Out: I, Madman – transcript- from: Generic Radio

Time-hopping tale of terror about a man who travels a year into the future to buy a newspaper — and witness his own death.


Information courtesy of Generic Radio

Return to Riondo: The Whistler – transcript- from: Generic Radio

You’ve come back to a Mexican village in order to cheat your ex-partners out of a gold mine, haven’t you, Roy? And, while you’re at it, you’ve taken advantage of the woman who loves you, too. I’m annoying you with my sneering second person narration, aren’t I, Roy? Well, I’m the Whistler and I do many annoying things.

Information courtesy of Generic Radio

Suspense: Stand-In – transcript- from: Generic Radio

A movie star is targeted for murder by her not-too-bright husband and a disgruntled stand-in.

Information courtesy of Generic Radio

Lux Radio Theatre: My Man Godfrey – transcript- from: Generic Radio

In this Depression-era screwball comedy, a “forgotten man” who lives in the city dump is hired to be the butler for a wealthy but eccentric family and finds himself pursued by two very different sisters.

Information courtesy of Generic Radio

Find these and more on the Old Time Radio page.

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