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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Congratulations to Tim Westland – On the Job Training Optioned! - posted by wonkavite

What can we say? Well, “Congratulations” for starters! STS is happy to announce that Tim’s short script On the Job Training has now been optioned by Kent Loomer!

A successful producer/director of TV commercials, Kent has also recently developed a proof of concept TV Pilot entitled “Bellingham T-Nite”, starring Ryan Stiles from “Whose Line is it Anyway”?

As for Tim’s other work – take a gander at these scripts on STS… still available for option!


A Line in the Sand – (SF Short) UltraMarine John Hawkins captures a terrorist bent on destruction. But when the men find a common bond – will it lead to humanity’s doom or salvation?

Hunted (Horror Feature, with writer Rod Thompson) After accidentally shooting a girl in the mysterious Ozark mountains, five hunting buddies must battle for their lives and their souls when a backwoods hillbilly taxidermist invokes ancient supernatural powers to bring his monstrous patchwork creations to life to exact his revenge.

Loose Screws (Thriller, TV Pilot with writer John Robbins) – A successful psychiatrist finds himself losing his grip on reality – and turns to an old patient – a girl with a mysterious mathematical talent, that he used and betrayed years ago.

Better Be Good (Holiday Short) – When a young boy finds Santa’s lost bag of toys in a nearby forest, his first thought is to return it.

Carl (SF Short) – An elderly man needs someone to watch over him. The caregiver that comes to his door is not exactly what he had in mind.

About the writer: The co-writer of the acclaimed graphic novel Chasing the Dead, Tim Westland received first place for Balls Out in the NNYM 15 page contest. A moderator at Moviepoet, he’s an outstanding writer with an eye for the details. His IMDB page can be found here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fully Insured – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - posted by wonkavite

Fully Insured

In the future, insurance covers almost every facet of life: home, auto and… heartbreak. But what happens when you’re not Fully Insured?

Ah, young love. So perfect. So pure. So full of hope. And so… utterly destined to fail?

Well, far be it from us to sound the clarion fart in church. But when it comes to reality, the cold fact is that numbers don’t lie. According to some generic poster we referenced on*, the average relationship lasts six months. And 50% of marriages end in divorce. (Mind you, that’s the lucky few that make it to the altar at all!) But such are the viscitudes of life. We make our choices. And hope for the best.

Of course, smart people get insurance.

After all, it’s only logical. In today’s complicated world, you can buy insurance for everything. Houses. Cars. Pets. Medical needs up to and including the old wazoo. Insurance companies pay for surgeons to mend the physical holes in our hearts. So why not the emotional ones, as well?

Writer Mitch Smith contemplates that very question in his script, Insured… through the eyes of his young protagonist, Alex. You see, Alex and girlfriend Hannah are in love. That annoying, deep forever kind. So when Alex’s metal-head roommate Blake recommends relationship insurance to his pal, Alex is quite sold on the idea. It’s worse than a prenup, the lad exclaims. It’s betting on your relationship to fail!

But sadly – most relationships do. Will Alex n’ Hannah prove to the exception to the rule? Or is our young paramour about to learn the hardest lesson of all: that even when love is on the line, deductibles still apply. And wise men hedge their bets. Even when it comes to Love.

Funny and wry, Insured is a simple shoot – two main characters, and a handful of apartment/office settings. Plus, it’s a theme that never gets old: humor and relationships? How can a short with such ingredients fail?

* Dude, cut us some slack. We’re fiction writers at STS. Not sociological research geeks!

Pages: 8

Budget: Moderate. A handful of actors, and simply settings!

About the writer: Mitch Smith is an award winning screenwriter whose website ( offers notes, script editing and phone consultations. You can also reach him at Mitch.SmithScripts “AT” gmail and follow Mitch at





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Madd – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - posted by wonkavite


The murder of a historical figure leads to the birth of an equally famous personality.

Read enough scripts, and you’ll find they have certain… patterns. Conventions and tropes that constantly replay. Zombies. Vampires. Stories of family strife. Followed by human redemption. One of our goals at STS is to hack through the weeds for you, and find the gems. Every once in awhile, we find a script that’s oddly different. A bit deranged. Dark, twisted and evil? We’ll showcase that in a heartbeat.

Case in point, a script called Madd. It’s a strange, atmospheric piece; special in a quirky way.

Our story opens in a dismal hotel room. The year: 1849.

A man lies bound on the floor; a barrel of liquor pouring down on his face. With the rushing liquid comes the promise of Death by Alcohol. And not in a voluntary, fun filled way.

The man’s name? Edgar Allan Poe.

And his tormentor? A shadowy gent, who goes by the name of Jonathan Madd.

What are the motives for Madd’s insane actions? Even poor, drowning Poe doesn’t know. Fortunately, Madd – like scores of evil villains before him – is more than happy to tell.

What follows is a tortured tale of love, loss and mystery. A fun, gothic script full of literary Easter Eggs – all the way to the twisted end. It’s a short that’ll play great with ex-English majors. Or any dark, morbid crowd!

Pages: 9

Budget: Moderate. A bit of cash will be needed for the period costumes. But the rest should be easy.

About the writer: A 2013 Big Break Screenwriting Contest Quarter-finalist, Steven Ray Smith Jr. currently has a short film and web series in production based on his script “ZOMBLIVIOUS”. Quoted by the owner and CEO of Rum House Productions to be “a smart and engaging writer” and “quite readable”, Steven can be reached at stevenraysmithjr “AT” GMAIL.





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved.

The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.



Sunday, May 24, 2015

The May One Week Challenge scripts are up - posted by Don

Over on the Discussion Board are thirty five original short scripts written on the theme of “in and/or around an elevator”. All of the stories take place in and around an elevator. These are low/no budget scripts.

– Don

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Freak – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - posted by wonkavite


A simple wave and smile alters the life of a teenager.

High school trauma. The popular kids. The outcasts. The bullies. It’s a theme that’s been deeply explored in movies. The Breakfast Club’s an outstanding example, of course. But the cinematic list goes on and on. Which is only natural. Because finding one’s place in life and surviving the horrors of one’s teens? That’s a human, universal truth. In any generation you care to name.

Take Frank Reak for example (F.Reak, for those slow on the uptake.). Goth. And seventeen. A perfect target for bullying. As the script opens, poor Frank’s taking a toilet face bath in the men’s bathroom – courtesy of one of the all-stars of the football team.

The jock calls him a freak, and walks away. Leaving Frank simmering.

Later in the day, their paths cross again. This time, Mr. Jock’s on the field – celebrating his latest victory. And Frank’s in the stands with the rest of the geeks of the school band. Playing guitar on the sidelines.

And hiding a gun in the amplifier.

Will this end in tragedy? Another school shooting – more victims? Or does fate have something more in mind. For Frank. And his future…?

A micro short, Freak packs a lot of emotion into a single page. Perfect for a director on a mini-budget. But looking for maximum impact.

About the writer: Rick Hansberry has written/produced several short films, including the SAG Foundation award-winning “Branches.” He teaches screenwriting seminars and workshops in the Central Pennsylvania area and is presently available for hire for new story ideas, rewrites and adaptations. He can be reached at djrickhansberry – AT – msn, (cell phone 717-682-8618) and IMDB credits available here.

Pages: 1

Budget: Pretty minor. Two settings. A number of extras for the football game.





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

That Smell – Short Script Review (Optioned!) - posted by David M Troop

That Smell

A young man with a passion for pleasant aromas is lured into the underground world of book sniffing.

Remember your first book as a kid? (Millennials need not apply.) I can. Vividly. Thinking back, I can still smell the aroma of the hard cover. The scent of every period and comma. The fragrance of the illustrations. Remember spending hours under the covers with a flashlight – inhaling each page like literary cocaine?

Okay, well, every kid’s experience may be different. But for bookworms, it’s a milestone in their lives.

And as physical books make way for PDFs, it’s a rite of passage that will be truly missed. Cause sniffing a Kindle? Not the same.

Writer Jason K. Allen takes the experience to the next level, with his short script That Smell. It’s the story of Nate and Trisha; two young people who find romance while comparing the aromatic qualities of a first-edition Steinbeck to a dime store graphic novel.

President of the local chapter of Aromas in Literature, Trish discovers Nate in the library, guiltily sniffing books in secret. Yep, he’s a newbie. Green in the gills. Rough around the edges – but with promising olfactory senses. Nate’ll need rigorous training to measure up to Trish’s rarified standards… and to qualify as a full fledged book sniffing member.

Will Nate and his nose make the grade? Or get abandoned in the paper recyclable trash heap of time? (And if Trish lets him in, will he join the A.I.L. volleyball team?)

Confused yet? Don’t be. A kinky combination of Dead Poets Society and Fifty Shades of Grey, That Smell is a comedy for all five senses. And custom made for quirky directors.

Pages: 8

Budget: Minimal. All you need is a local library or bookstore (if you can find one). Just remember to use your inside voices.

About the guest reviewer: David M Troop resumed writing in 2011 after a twenty-five year hiatus.  Since then, he has written about 50 short scripts, two of which have been produced.   Dave would like to make it three.  He is a regular, award-winning contributor to  Born on the mean streets of Reading, PA, Dave now resides in Schuylkill Haven with his wife Jodi and their two lazy dogs Max and Mattie. He can be reached at dtroop506 “AT” Gmail

About the writer: Jason K. Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. His produced short scripts include AMERICAN SOCK, which won Best Screenplay at the 2014 San Diego Film Awards, and AUTUMN LOVERS, winner of the Audience Award at the 2013 Artlightenment Festival in Nashville. He also wrote the feature film LUCKY FRITZ starring Julia Dietze (IRON SKY) and Corey Feldman. Jason is also a wilderness guide, nature photographer, and published author. See IMDB for his complete credits:





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.






Sunday, May 17, 2015

Original Script Sunday for May 17th 2015 - posted by Don

Over on the Unproduced Scripts page are 37 original scripts for your reading pleasure.

Script submissions are close for the next week while they May, 2015 One Week Challenge is underway.

– Don

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Ephesians – by Mark Lyons – Produced. Watch the trailer - posted by Don

The Ephesian (16 pages in pdf format) by Mark Lyons (rc1107) has been produced.

A mourning father lobbies to visit a gangster on the eve of his execution.

When a long-grieving father lobbies to visit a killer on death row, he walks into the chance of a lifetime to come face-to-face with the man who murdered his infant son.

Discuss this script on the Discussion Board

Great news for writer Rick Hansberry! (Cards and Alienate) - posted by wonkavite

Please join STS in congratulating writer Rick Hansberry.  Not once, but multiple times…

1) His recently reviewed short, Cards, has been picked up for a student production by Selma Linski in exotic Sofia, Bulgaria!  (Shooting set for end of June.)  Other directors take note: the script is still available for professional production, so give this one a look before it’s  gone:

Cards (drama) –  A pair of copyrighters continue their career-long battle long after retirement.

2) Rick’s SF feature length, Alienate, has recently secured funding to finish post production and have officially been picked up by Red Sea Media Look for the premiere later this year.  In the meantime check out the trailer at:

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