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Saturday, August 29, 2009

OWC Scripts – The First Five - posted by Don

The One Week ChallengeWriters were given one week to write a 12 page or less Romantic Drama/Comedy (Romantic Dramedy) using This piece of music (graciously provided by Norm of The DrabbleCast).

The “*” in the title of the OWC script indicates that the person who submitted the script has, in the past, read and reviewed at least three scripts in this or previous challenges. If you feel you should have a star, please let me know via email at webmaster (a) or discussion board private message. Click the title to go to the discussion board thread, then click the title to read the script.

The First Five

I’ve Got To Go by Fred the Moderately Successful

(Short, Romantic Dramedy w/ music) – Charlie’s good looks and selfish pretentious attitude allows him to have any woman he wants; until, Karma takes hold. (pdf format)

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Monster’s Lullaby by Tim the Enchantress

(Short, Romantic Dramedy w/ music) – When a young girl tells her boyfriend that she has to babysit again, he thinks she is seeing someone else. 9 pages (pdf format)

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The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Some Random Individual

(Short, Romantic Dramedy w/ music) – Oscar Wilde knew what he was talking about. 10 pages (pdf format)

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Your Song by Justice Stone

(Short, Romantic Dramedy w/ music) – Could true love live on for a composer beyond death? (pdf format)

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Mem by Constance and Nephadeum Antimony

(Short, Romantic Dramedy w/ music) – A young couple struggle to find the lyrics of a mysterious song that arrives magically with a couple of impish spirits. Why those symbols and tricks with the pen? Must be Mem. (pdf format)

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Very special thanks to for sponsoring the challenge and judging the final scripts.

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