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Monday, March 3, 2008

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Hitman scripts - post author Don

The Movie Page

It would appear that my arch nemesis B.E. over at The Movie Page, with a little help from JBM and Anonymous, has, after a long, long absence in the script world managed to claw his way to the surface of the earth (with a grammar book in one hand, no less) to score a couple of really groovy reads – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Hitman.

If you skip over to the Movie Scripts page, you can read a couple of cool scripts. – Don

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March 3rd, 2008 at 11:15 pm

“with a grammar book in one hand, no less”

Erm… oops? Now I know why people in the script community threw a big party when I vanished!

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