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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gimme Credit short winners… - posted by Don

Gimme Credit screenwriting competitionCongratulations Pia, Cindy and Phil, winners in the Cycle VI Gimme Credit screenwriting competition.

1st Place – Super Short Winner – Pia for Santa’s Gift to JoeyA young boy learns that not all presents come wrapped in a fancy wrapper, some of the best ones don’t even come wrapped at all.

Give it a listen:

Super Short Semi-Finalist – Pia for Old WoundsA lonely man’s old wounds continues to hurt until one day he cannot stand it any more and decides to end the pain once and for all. 6 pages

Super Short Finalist – Cindy L. Keller for Home for Christmas

Short Semi-Finalist – Phil Clarke Jr. for The Documentary KillersA mockumentary of a news show segment, reporting on the disappearance of a young film student. 19 pages

Any SS-ters I miss? Please let me know. Discussion board member can add congratulatory messages here .

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