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Saturday, January 27, 2018

O, Brave New World! – The Scripts of the 2WC - post author Don

We had a writing challenge on the discussion board.

Create a realistic world where a certain major world event never happened. At the same time, the altered event is not your story, your story simply takes place in the altered world.

This was a difficult challenge. I think we had more people drop out then entered. This topic engendered quite the lively discussion.

Thanks to Sean “Mr. Blonde” Chipman (writer of Christmas Crime Story for leading the challenge and coming up with a stumper of a theme.

The scripts of the “Brave New World” Two Week Challenge

(note, each link opens the discussion thread. Once there, click on the title of the script to read the script in pdf format. The scripts are submitted anonymously. Writers will be revealed next week.)

Signal Fire by Neil Percival Young – How will anyone find their way in a brave new world? 13 pages (Short, Adventure)

A New Plan For Fat Man by Ny Name Here – Leaders of the United States Armed Forces debate whether they should declare war with Germany or stay home and savor their victory in the Pacific. 11 pages (Short, Drama)

Fire and Water by Deep Throat – Ben Bradlee’s decision to ignore the Watergate break-in comes back to haunt him four years later as Woodward & Bernstein try to prevent the Presidency of E. Howard Hunt. 15 pages (Short, Crime, Thriller, Drama, Political, Historical Fiction)

Sapere Aude by Kant – The leader of a boys’ club for troubled teens finds himself in a war with the most powerful, corrupt, cruel entity in the world, the unchecked Catholic Church. 12 pages (Short, Adventure, War, Religion)

Miss Yemmie by Hollis Brown – The Soviet Union’s plan to restart its failed Sputnik Program prompts the United States to build a new space center at the remote home of an aging prostitute. 11 pages (Short, Drama)

Not Even God Himself by Buckwheat – When a travel agency undertakes the most ambitious voyage into space in the history of mankind, the men responsible are faced with the consequences of endangering a hundred thousand lives. 13 pages (Short, Sci Fi, Drama)

Operation Downfall by Night Train – The atomic bombings against Japan never happened. The invasion of Japan did. 15 pages (Short, Action)

The Broken Kingdom by Some Guy – Set in an alternate timeline in which Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators blew up parliament and overthrew the monarchy. On the 513th anniversary of this historical event, a French-American businessman, on his first visit to Great Britain, finds himself on the run and embroiled with terrorists after he inadvertently commits an act of heresy. 14 pages (Short, Fantasy, Historical)

The 13th Generation by E Pluribus Unum – Texting obsessions takes over a company’s communication as a car designer gets a promotion. 15 pages (Short, Comedy, Satire)

Full Circle by Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Logline – {no logline} 11 pages (Short, Drama)

Olympic by The Sullivan Brothers – Two US marines and two young schoolgirls must find a way to survive the American invasion of Japan. 14 pages (Short, War)

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