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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Old Time Radio Saturday - post author Don

The Campbell Playhouse: The Magnificent Ambersons – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

Spoiled George Amberson Minafer threatens the romance of his mother and the man she has always loved. Orson Welles, who later turned Booth Tarkington’s novel into a film, calls it “the truest, cruelest picture of the growth of the Middle West and the liveliest portrait left to us of the people who made it grow.”

Information courtesy of Microphone Plays

Escape: A Shipment of Mute Fate – transcript- from: Generic Radio

A zoologist wants to bring a dangerous animal aboard an ocean liner. This popular thriller was repeated several times on “Escape” and its sister show “Suspense.”

Information courtesy of Generic Radio

Little Old Lady: Lights Out – transcript- from: Generic Radio

Alice and Lona, two college students, visit Aunt Harriet, a mysterious old lady with an unusual cat.


Information courtesy of Generic Radio

The Damon Runyon Theater: Princess O’Hara – transcript- from: Generic Radio

A fable about a Central Park “princess” and a racehorse named Gallant Godfrey.

Information courtesy of Generic Radio

The Big Story: Manhunt in Manhattan – transcript- from: Generic Radio

A crime reporter witnesses a hold-up and thinks he can identify the gang leader. This weekly anthology series featured dramatizations of true newspaper stories from the point-of-view of the journalists involved.

Information courtesy of Generic Radio

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