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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The October One Week Challenge scripts are here! - post author Don

Wherein writers were given one week to write a 6 to 10 page short Horror Fantasy on the following topic:

At sundown on October 31st the doorways to the Otherworld open, allowing the inhabitants to come into our world and also allowing humans to go to the Otherworld. Sunrise on November 1st, that door closes.

Limitations: Only one character can have dialogue. (Writer cannot use Voice Over, however the character can speak off camera.)

The names are Nom de Plumes. Click the title to go to the discussion thread of the script. On the thread, click the title to read the script. All scripts in PDF format

Shout at the Devil by Logan Tyler – On Halloween, 2014, the gates of Hell will open, and only the chosen one can hope to close them. (NC 17)

Mr. Nasty And The Dancing Angels by ? – Some holidays are more difficult than others – especially when taking a trip with Mr. Nasty (R )

Isle Of The Dead by Rodney – When an internet blogger is persuaded by her boyfriend and crew to investigate an urban legend, about a cursed island off shore, she will be forced to fight for her life as they all unwilling become part of the legend until the curse on the island is broken. (R )

Be Careful What You Wish For by Unoriginal nom de plume – A young boy seeks the help of an unusual Halloween artifact, as he takes flight from his abusive father. (R )

Operation: Sleepwalker by Newt – On Halloween, a young man going through withdrawal witnesses beings that can’t be seen mingling among the Trick-or-Treaters and killing them one at a time. (R )

Da Horns by Samuel Wayman – Would you go to the depths of hell to bring back someone you loved? (R )

A Soldier’s Search by David Nigel – As a raging war threatens humanity, a soldier must find his family before the horrors of another world get to them. (R )

Peanut Butter Kisses by Maria Avedici Santoya – After a Halloween party, an axe-wielding sociopath in a goat mask stalks a young woman. When she fights back, she finds he’s not exactly human. (R )

A Burning Ring of Fire by Name of First Writer – A tough guy biker must battle demonic forces in order to escape their devious trap. (R )

Demon.Star.31 by Great Dane – Neo Alchemists open a portal to Hell on a space shuttle orbitting Earth. (R )

The Soul Cleaner Vs. Hitler Vs. Kevin by Jasper Kidd – On a Halloween rave, searching for the restroom, drugged up Kevin collides with an overchallenged cleaning power, and Adolf Hitler, whose plan is to send more Ebola to the living. (R )

Danny’s Coming Home by Vlad Dumichu – The dead are returning to the land of the living and Danny is dying to go home. (PG)

Pins and Needles by Boone Helm – Desperate to save his afflicted wife, a tailor decides on a drastic last resort. (R )

For Her Lov’d Sake by Reads Way Too Much – In Victorian London, a grieving husband travels into the Underworld to rescue his wife’s spirit before he loses her forever. (PG)

Halloween Hijack by Javar Van Helsing – A troubled kid has no patience for the Halloween spirit. (PG)

Trapped by Bud Wiser – A man trying to avoid Halloween has to help a horde escape their entrapment. (R )

Liquide Bone Danse by Luther Rinn – It’s All Hallows Eve, and whilst attempting to cling to a worthless existence, an aging priest must come face to face with his sordid past, and the darkness it has begot. (R )

Nathan Green by Adam Stein – When a woman struggling to deal with her recent separation buys a jacket from a thrift store, she inadvertently lets another bad man into her life. (R )

Justice at Sundown by Betsy Ross – A man wakes up, tied to a chair in a greenhouse on Halloween. With only a strange man to keep him company and even stranger things happening outside. (NC17)

The Nightmare Door by Larry Huckenstuffit – A conniving Housemaster recounts a bedtime tale to a sleepless young student. (PG)

Cold Alone by David Carol – A man receives a message from his recently deceased wife and visits her grave. (PG)

Forsworcennes by Dark I. Am – When the otherworld opens on sundown at October 31st, an old man uses its forces through dark magic from the Anglo-Saxon days to avoid losing his beloved farm. (PG)

This Tornado Loves You by N.C. – A young woman, held in captivity, has one chance to ensure her freedom… and one last night to endure her captor. (R )

Humanity Speaks by Habeus Corpus – The human race is being put on trial, and the only person who can save mankind is a mute girl. (G)

Conversion by Stumpzian Farber – A 62-year-old woman faces a point of no return while seeking treatment for a forgotten early trauma. (PG)

Dust by Cliff Diver – An orphan ventures through distant memories in search of the monster that stole her mother’s life. (PG)

Exchange Student by A Horror Author – A cocky college student investigating a dimensional portal on Halloween encounters an unexpected surprise.

The Price by Chocolate Kahuna – A desperate woman struggles with the high price of the one thing she wants most – her dead son brought to life. (NC 17)

Shamed by Koutius Vomitus – Two deceased, former high school students embarrassed by the school bully when alive seek revenge on Halloween night. (R )

Head by Albertus Magnus – Every girl wants to hear the words, “I love you”. Don’t they? (NC17)

Spiral by Hieronymush Bosch – Within its pages lie some of mankind’s best kept secrets. Many try to gain it. Many will fail. (R )

Reynard: Doors & Rings by Dark Stanley – An abusive husband pushes his wife to extreme action only to have him pursue her return from a world he belongs in. (PG)

Je Me Sais Pas, Cozco by Avant Garde – After having his money stolen, a high schooler finds solace in an idiopathic Frenchman from another world who may or may not be a hitman. (R )

Impropriety by Richard Layman – A deaf, dumb and blind man, reveals his true motivations to a nurse on Halloween night. (R )

Halloween Baby! by The Other Purple One – A hip scientist invents a way to summon his dream girl from hell, but is she everything he’s dreamed of? (PG)

Fair Trade by Dr. Jeckyll – A terminally ill man inadvertently discovers a portal to a parallel world – and possible redemption for his family. (PG)

1 Comments so far


KP Mackie
November 2nd, 2014 at 3:19 pm

Amazing imaginations in these scripts.
Making this scaredy-cat squirm…
That’s a good thing! 🙂

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