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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Golden Age of Radio - post author Don

Thanks to Marie for the heads up on these scripts and transcripts from the Golden Age of Radio. Read these and more on the Old Time Radio page.

– Don

The Lone Ranger: The Origin of the Lone Ranger – transcript – from: Microphone Plays

How and why the Lone Ranger wears his mask, meets Tonto, gets his name, and finds the great horse Silver — while avenging the murder of his brother, a Texas Ranger. “Other Rangers all dead,” says Tonto, “You only one left. You – lone Ranger.”


Heartbeat Theatre: The Third Saturday in Advent – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Touching Christmas story about Ilsa, a poor immigrant, working in a Salvation Army thrift store during the holidays.

The Whistler: Stranger in the House – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

A charming rogue turns up in Seattle, claiming to be Helen’s long-lost brother. She knows he’s an impostor, but he manages to convince everyone else that he’s the real deal and stands to inherit her brother’s million-dollar estate. Is Helen losing her mind? This episode of the long-running thriller series was the basis for the 1958 film “Chase a Crooked Shadow.”

Mr. District Attorney: The Case of the Peddlers of Prejudice – transcript- from: The Wireless

Race-baiting high school janitor sparks a riot and an assault — but Mr. D. A. and his staff investigate. An anti-bigotry Christmas episode of the long-running crime drama series, which was sort of the “Law and Order” of its day, with stories ripped from the headlines.


Superman: The Meteor of Kryptonite, Chapter 2 – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Seeking help from Lois Lane and Perry White, mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent tells them the story of a faraway planet and the origin of the Man of Steel. “Much as dread uttering these fateful words,” says Jor-El, “I have come to the conclusion that Krypton is doomed!”

Dragnet: .22 Rifle for Christmas – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

Dragnet’s annual Christmas episode for the first four years of the series. A small boy is reported missing from his home. Sgt. Joe Friday, assigned to Homicide detail, investigates. The announcer says, “You will travel step by step on the side of the law through an actual case from official police files.”


The Adventures of Philip Marlowe: The Panama Hat – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

Raymond Chandler’s private detective plays bodyguard for a family receiving death threats. Says Marlowe, “Sounded good, real good. A weekend in Malibu, expenses paid with a cash bonus thrown in. But that was before I knew about the henchman, the redhead, and the corpse.”


Superman: Stolen Fuel for Atomic Beam Machine, Episode 8 – transcript – from: Microphone Plays

When a madman steals a scientist’s deadly weapon, reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane investigate. “I think it’s time Superman took a hand,” says Mr. Kent, his voice deepening, as he bends some steel doors in his bare hands.


Lux Radio Theatre: The Scarlet Pimpernel – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Long before Batman and Iron Man, there was “that damned, elusive Pimpernel” — another wealthy playboy who doubles as a superhero. Leslie Howard recreates his popular film role as British fop Sir Percy Blakeney and his alter ego, a colorful vigilante who bedevils the French government.


Mystery in the Air: The Mask of Medusa – transcript – from: The Wireless

A killer-on-the-run finds himself trapped in a wax museum — with forty-six other murderers! Peter Lorre stars in this outrageous horror story.



Lux Radio Theater: War of the Worlds – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

Martians invade Earth, but perhaps they should have picked on a planet that was germ-free. “It’s possible they may have more than one brain. Perhaps two or even more. And possibly they may even smell colors,” muses Dr. Clayton Forrester. “Well, that’s speculation, of course.” No, it’s not the Orson Welles version. Adapted from the 1950s George Pal film.


Dragnet: The Big Little Jesus – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Classic Christmas episode in which Sgt. Joe Friday searches for … Jesus. “You’re a detective sergeant…. assigned to Burglary Division. You get a call that an important piece of religious art has been stolen from the oldest church in Los Angeles. There’s no lead to its whereabouts. Your job … find it.”


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