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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday’s Unproduced Scripts - post author Don

More from the Unproduced Scripts page.

Slasher by Troy Oates

(Horror) – Dominic finds his past catching up with him when he and his friends are stalked by somebody intent on killing them all. They know who the killer is, which is impossible because he died years ago 84 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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A Place of Echoes by Reggie Davis

(Thriller) – A place of echoes is a poignant story of an outsider artist and documentary photographer haunted by years of childhood abuse and a self-abused performance artist, working at the most intimate level, his body becoming a precise evocation of a victimized body, reflecting past trauma, who like the other becomes the visceral imprint they place in their work. Both living out a hard-living lifestyle: excessive use of drugs and alcohol and abusive relationships. They cross paths at a sad-sweet intersection of loss, sacrifice and redemption. Together they confront and release their inner demons, creating art that affirms and celebrates life with a regenerative force that carries over to their lives as they learn the meaning of compassion, and forgiveness. 89 pages (doc – formatting: )
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Ghost Train by Martin Cox (chelsea)

(Short, Drama) – A black man a Jew and a skinhead are on a train, but this ain’t no joke. WARNING: Contains strong language and racial abuse. 15 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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