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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Forty-five original scripts - post author Don

On the Unproduced Scripts page we have 45 new or majorly revised scripts up for your reading pleasure. There is Gem by Michael is a throughly research piece about an old-time burlesque stripper who wants to pass her knowledge on to a new generation. If you’ve seen Gypsy, this may be of interest to you. There is also Anthony’s Titians of Heaven (formerly Angels of Ardony) – an Action/Fantasy piece that takes place in the dark ages of the world, where an angel and his three descendants fight to protect the human race from underworld demons bent on obliterating the planet. And Kira has a short Alice in Modern Wonderland where technology blurs reality. If none of these are your bag, there are another 42 scripts to choose from.

I have finally cleared the backlog of submitted scripts and have re-opened the Submit Your Script page.

On the Treatments page we have Radek’s treatment of a sequel to I Am Legend.

Unproduced Script of the Day has been updated. – Don

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