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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dark Games - post author Don

Over on the Movie Scripts page we have Dark Games by Eric Dickson.

A 13 year old troublemaker falls witness to an attempted rape after cutting through the woods behind his house. He is later taken in by a retired homicide detective still obsessed with finding the one killer he never caught. 95 pages

Eric writes, My horror script Dark Games was filmed last October, 2007 as a 35mm feature and is currently in post-production. Mandalay Independent Pictures and Bryan Spears are looking at it for cable and DVD distribution. They’re requesting a few changes, but will be picking it up. The cast includes Danny Trejo, Martin Kove, Jeff Conaway, Brian Thompson, Boo Boo Stewart and introducing Heather Tocquigny, who will be appearing in the AfterDark Films Horrorfest original film Perkins 14 (2009). [This] script… is an early draft and is a bit raw, but I’ll be sending you a new draft soon.

Congratulations, Eric. Thanks for sharing the early draft. Shout outs and such can be made on the Discussion Board

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