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Monday, January 21, 2008

Pink Flyod The Wall script, Another Cliffhanger and Conspiracy Theory script - post author Don

Welcome Guardian readers. And if you are not a Guardian reader, check out the excellent article by Stuart McGurk about Script Collecting.

Speaking of which, there are three more scripts on the ‘net. Thanks to Vern for the heads up on this draft of Roger Waters Pink Floyd The Wall brought to you by A Fleeting Glimpse the most amazing Pink Floyd website on the ‘net. Note, the script is a huge 20 MB PDF file, so downloading patience is required.

Thanks to Donovan and Daily Script we have yet another draft of Cliffhanger. This is the final shooting draft with revisions by Sly Stallone. In total, thanks to Donovan, there are three drafts of Cliffhanger to compare and contrast over on the Movie Scripts page.

And lastly, again thanks to Donovan, there is a September 12, 1996 draft of Conspiracy Theory. Those and more on the Movie Scripts page.

Now, for those who read the Spoil Sport article and were confused by my “Stepmom was one of those…” comment. The question, as I recall, was something to the effect of have you decided not to see a movie you wanted to see based upon reading the script. My answer was to the contrary to the effect that if I was intrigued by an upcoming movie, reading the script would not change my mind about seeing a movie. On the other hand, there have been cases where I was not interested in seeing a particular movie, though I later changed my mind after reading the script and later decided to go see the movie. Step Mom was one of those cases where, based upon the trailer and the buzz, I had absolutely no interest in seeing the movie. However, after reading the script, I was intrigued enough to go see the movie. – Don

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