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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Way to go, Phil! - post author Don

Hey! Hearty, hearty congratulations to Phil ‘dogglebe’ Clarke. Phil is the Cycle V Grand Prize Winner of the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition with his work Not Even Death (click on the title to read the script).

From Phil’s post on this discussion thread

Dear Phil,

On behalf of the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition we offer our congratulations to you as the Grand Prize Winner of Cycle V! We are very excited to produce Not Even Death! Your script will actually be the first true horror film we are producing as the Cycle I winner, My Wife is a Zombie, I like to call more of a horrific drama than a dramatic horror. The name is meant to mislead people.

Please send us an updated brief bio. a new photo if you wish and a logline, if you have one. We also need your T-shirt size for your Gimme Credit T-shirt and, finally, verification of your mailing address.

We will keep you posted with news about the production and let you know how things are progressing. Congratulations again! We will be in touch.

Kindest regards,

Erica Engelhardt


Congratulations, Phil.


btw, our own Pia was a 2006 Cycle III Super Short winner with Burning Bridges. Jeez, I wish someone would hit me over the head when a SimplyScripter wins a contest. – Don

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