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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pitching a script - post author Don

Folks, our own Phil went to a script pitch last night. Here is the report. There is some valuable information here that I thought I’d share. You can also add your own insights on the Discussion Board.

Phil writes:

I attended the pich meeting last night and pitched both The Burnout and A Druid’s Guide to the Northeast. I found it worth the time, effort and money I put into it.

I first pitched The Burnout and bombed out terribly. Larry and associates actually stopped me in mid pitch to tell me I was going about it the wrong way. I brought a fifteen page story synopsis and told them them the story with way too much detail. Looking back, I can see where I went over the top with the details, going as so far as to use different voices when the characters talked. I won’t even bring up the platinum-haired finger puppets.

Larry said that a proper pitch is telling them the name of the script, presenting the logline and a very brief synopsis. A pitch should be a dialogue where you want the producers to ask you questions in the short time you have with them. They were pretty cool about the whole matter.

About an hour later, I pitched [A Druid’s Guide to the Northeast]. I didn’t refer to my fifteen page synopsis and instead kept the synopsis extremely short. Maybe five lines. Right after I gave it, they started asking questions. What’s a druid? Are they real? What’s a water elemental? How ‘magical’ is the movie?

When all was said and done, they asked for a copy of Druid.


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