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Friday, September 8, 2006

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues script - post author Don

Thanks to The Weekly Script you can read this shooting draft of Gus Van Sant’s Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. This would be found on the Movie Scripts page. – Don

Thursday, September 7, 2006

I am the very model of a modern Major-General… - post author Don

Thanks to Patricia for the heads up on the libretto of Pirates of Penzance. There is a great Pirates of Penzance page in the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive. These and other musicals can be found on the Musicals Page.

Congratulations to Matt Wallace and Variant Frequencies whose work Absolution Insured was winner, Best Fiction (Short) in the first annual Parsec Awards.

On the Unproduced Scripts page, we have two more scripts up for your reading pleasure. – Don

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Discussion board is back, baby! - post author Don

…I hope. The discussion board is back and open for business. I’m still uploading some of the older messages (Pre May, 2006), but for all intents and purposes, we are back in business. Apologies for the ‘resting’ period. – Don

Monday, September 4, 2006

Twenty unproduced scripts that you can’t discuss… - post author Don

On the unproduced scripts page we have twenty new scripts up for your reading pleasure. However, you can?t discuss them?

Were this happening to anyone else other than me, this would be laughable and extraordinarily funny. I spent the whole day uploading each and every message on the discussion board only to discover that I had uploaded the wrong backup files. (Well, the backup files would have been ‘right? if this were April 10, 2004.) The correct backup files are being uploaded as I type this. They will continue to be uploading long after I tottle off to bed which should be shortly. I do hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning that I can re-open the discussion board.

A long time ago, I used to call out each of the unproduced scripts I put up, but then there got to be so many that I was unable to give each and every one a mention. I tried, for a bit, to give a few a mention – randomly, however then I was inundated with emails from those writers who I didn?t mention asking why his/her script didn?t get mentioned. That I randomly select a few to mention didn?t seem to be a sufficient answer so I went to simply stating that there are ‘x? number of unproduced scripts up for your reading pleasure and left it at that.

Well, for today, since in a few days both SimplyScripts and I are coming up on our birthdays, (SimplyScripts will be a full eight years old this coming week and I will be a full “x” years old {where ‘x? is a number between 29 and 100), I thought that I?d switch things up and mention a few of the scripts up on the unproduceds scripts page.

Christopher Bate has up A Girl Called Simplicity. Christopher wrote Death Rides the Nine which was later produced. DRtN did appear on SimplyScripts for a while, though the hosting of the script and the later production were not connected. (Jeez, just google Death Rides the Nine if you want to know about the script and movie.)

Mike has up The Odds of Love. TOoL was on the site before, but was taken down when Mike sold the script. Mike has re-submitted it. I?m not sure if the production of TOoL has come to a bad end or if Mike simply wants to rub my face in the fact that he?s sold a script and I haven?t. I do hope it is the former because I am a small, petty man.

And, with that, I’m going to tottle off to bed and read a few more chapters of The Stars My Destination. – Don

NB: Both Mike and Christopher did not sell their respective scripts as a result of being posted to SimplyScripts. However, on rare occasions, scripts on the site are sold as a result of being posted on SimplyScripts. This does not happen often. – Don

The Discussion board is still resting - post author Don

The discussion board is still resting. The good news is that the restore went well. The bad news is that every single message needs to be re-uploaded. That is happening now we I type. That will take a couple of hours.

The Three Musketeers I’m guessing you want to hear more about what I got for my birthday.

I got Pevear’s new translation of The Three Musketeers, Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth , Jasper Fforde’s latest Nursery Crime novel, The Fourth Bear and Dava Sobel’s The Planets. – Don

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Discussion board is ‘resting’ - post author Don

Hi all,

The discussion board is ‘resting’ for a bit. I upgraded the board. There were some glitches. Once I got the glitches taken care of I noticed a few new enhancements that I didn’t like, which I thought added confusion to how the board operated, so I decided to revert back to the last upgrade. I am currently re-uploading the back-up (taken just before the upgrade so nothing should be lost).

I just returned from celebrating my birthday and thought I share what I got:

The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester

The two follow-up books to His Majesty’s Dragons (which I read at the beach), Throne of Jade and Black Powder War

and, Perils of the Atlantic: Steamship Disasters, 1850 to the Present.

Birthday lunch was held at The Back Door in downtown Carlisle, PA. Grabbed some good stuff to eat later at Appalachian Whole Foods where Sandy put me on to some great instant Indian meals and gave the boys some sugar free lollipops. Swung by The Whistlestop Bookshop to say hello to “Uncle Jeff” and Kara and add more books to my Christmas/Birthday list. We then dodged over to Casa Mani for a quick Cafe~ Mocha. Later that evening I had my birthday dinner at Amy’s Thai Cuisine. – Don

Friday, September 1, 2006

Silent Universe - post author Don

A bit ago I mentioned Silent Universe on the Radio Scripts page and posted a rough draft (with permission) of episode three. Now, the broadcast of Episode 3 of Silent Universe is out. If you’ve listened to the first two episodes, by all means, head on over to Episode 3. If you are new to the series or “Sci Fi Curious”, listen to the all the episodes in order.

Silent Universe: Episode 3 Counterpoint – script- from: J. Marcus Xavier’s Silent Universe

Emmeline meets up again with Jack. She is tortured by the Chi Coms.

Listen to the episode (mp3)

Information courtesy of Silent Universe

The Assignment screenplay - post author Don

Thanks to The Weekly Script you can read the shooting draft of The Assignment. That would be on the Movie Scripts page.

Repo Man Transcript and Everybody’s Girl Script - post author Don

Thanks to Bob and the Repo Man Links Page for heads up on this good transcript of Repo Man, the 80’s punk cult classic.

Thanks to the Mysterious M for the heads up on this 1918 photoplay Everybody’s Girl. Both can be found on the movie scripts page. – Don

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