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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KinoGo – small budge film making - post author Don

Mike and Matthew have a great new blog up – – a small budget great production film making blog. He has a couple of articles up on Tiny Dolly (with a shot made using a Tiny Dolly) and his adventures with a 35 millimeter camera adapter. Matthew also has some advice on selling your script. – Don

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Camper and Wanted - post author Don

Over on the Movie Scripts page we have two different – very different – movie scripts. First up, Daniel “Heathers” Water’s directorial debut, Happy Campers. This is a third draft and comes to us via Daily Script and Donovan. Second up is a December, 2005 unspecified draft of the recently release Wanted. This would be thanks to Josh and PDF Movie Scripts where you’ll find the scripts several other recently released movies. – Don

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Script Girl script sales report for the week ending July 25th - post author Don

Hot shot tire salesman gets demoted, co-ed roommate targets co-ed roommates loved ones, A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, a couple tries to maintain a long distance relationship, three generations of men trying to uncover the secrets to time travel, and Diablo Cody pens a new script.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Guys at the Post Office are never gonna believe this… - post author Don

The scripts for the July, 2008 One Week Challenge are live! We had seventeen entries this month. Note that when you click on the title of the script, you will be taken to an individual discussion thread on the submitted script. Click on the title in the inidividual thread to read the script. Discussion of the OWC in general can be made here – Don

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde script - post author Don

Thanks to Horror Lair you can read the 1941 shooting draft of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That would be over on the Movie Scripts page.

Tick, Tock. There is a little less than 29 hours remaining to get your script in for the One Week Challenge. – Don

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

44 unproduced scripts and the July One Week Challenge - post author Don

There are 44 new or revised unproduced works up on the Unproduced Scripts page. Also, I neglected to point out a couple weeks ago an additional 30 new works up which can be found on the Previous Weeks Unproduced Scripts page.

On the Unproduced Scripts page we have Frank’s Sho Jin Bloo Warrior – “A warrior’s odyssey through prehistory Japan”, which is a series of twelve, five minute animated shorts.

On the Previous Weeks Unproduced Scripts page we have another episode of season 2 of Wesley’s Better Days series. In this episode Kenny has gone back to Therapy. Jason starts hanging out with an unlikely friend while Danielle and Holly get closer.

That not enough to hold you? There is a grand total of 70 unproduced scripts between the two pages that I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

Tick, Tock – There are a little over 48 hours left to get your script in for the One Week Challenge. Just knock out a 15 page or less dramatic script on the theme “The guys at the post office are never gonna believe this” and send it in by 11:58 pm edt on Friday, July 25th. – Don

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Power Plays - post author Don

PC’s script, Power Plays (pdf format) has been filmed.

“A congressmen scheduled for the witness stand before the senate investigative committee is target for all sides of the political spectrum.”

Short, Thriller, PG-13 for nudity

You can also listen to the script here

Shout outs and such can be made on the Discussion Board

Script Girl flashes her rack on the July 18th script sales report. - post author Don

A young couple’s honeymoon is turned upside down with a murder, human expedition to planetoid with the energy potential to save mankind (yes, another game to script), Ironman 2, Wanted 2, School of Rock 2 and Script Girl flashes her rack.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The July, 2008 One Week Challenge - post author Don

The July, 2008 One Week Challenge

Quick rundown of the rules:

You have to write a script based on the genre and theme of the OWC. The script must be in a generally accepted screenplay format.

The script should be no more than fifteen pages. You have seven days (count the hours) to submit it to the One Week Challenge link. All scripts must be submitted by 11:58 pm eastern daylight time on July 25th. This link will help you determine what time it is eastern daylight time.
The authors’ name will be removed from the scripts for the first week (or so), and then will magically appear on them…as if by magic. Don’t say if you’ve entered.

Don’t start guessing who wrote what for at least a week.

No betting! This is a Challenge, not a contest. There are no winners (though, if you take the challenge, you are, in effect, a winner).

Don’t enter unless you intend to read some of these scripts.

And now for the theme and genre:

genre: drama

theme: “The guys at the post office are never gonna believe this.”

The quote should be in the script and it should bear significance to the story. Don’t just toss it in there.

Check out the Discussion Board for more information.

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