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Carnival Chameleon by Rodrigo Luciano Desouza

(Anime) - A brazilian chameleon embarks on a journey to save the Amazon forest from being destroyed by humans, but the meaning of the journey is as shifty as the lizard's attention during Carnival. 121 pages (fdr - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

DragonQuest by Matthew Pastush

(Anime, Fantasy) - 800 years ago inhabitants of a dying world discover earth. A civil war erupts amongst these aliens after a rogue knight viciously wounds their beloved leader. With help from William, a chivalric knight, can our team of heroic aliens stop their counterparts and save William's kingdom? These aliens are rampant throughout mythology with origins never adequately explained until now; they are better known as… dragons. (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Eternity Machine Chapter 1, The by James Travers

(Anime) - A mysterious cloud from a distant, alien galaxy destroys and enslaves the civilized worlds that lie in its path. This is chapter 1 of a very long saga. (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Hurricane High Episode 1 by The Goose

(Anime) - Yamcha Chien and Spike Blackman are 14 year olds starting Hurricane High, a school where people from 14-125 learn to become fighting champions in all arts and forms of fighting (e.g wrestling, boxing, streetfighting). Full of martial arts action and comedy. (htm - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Hurricane High Episode 2 by The Goose

(Anime) - The last parts of the first day. Daniel goes up against Dominiguez. Spike and Yamcha find love, get beaten up and get put in seperate domitories, but all in all they survive their first day at HURRICANE HIGH. (htm - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Job & Schermerhorn's Angels by Stanley Heisler

(Anime, Fantasy) - A Job type character is at the end of his rope, when he meets Angel Schermerhorn, who persuades him to take a celestial journey with a family of angels causing him to sprout wings and turn his life around. (rtf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Keep The Beat by Will Jackson

(Anime) - In the war torn future of the year 2100, Kenji Hatsume is the average Japanese teenager. This all seems to change the night his father's store is robbed and his best friend is killed. High Octane shoot outs, lightning quick chases, and plenty of martial arts action. Keep the Beat is a fun read for all. 18 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Last Charge of the Rodent Brigade by Mike Jones

(Anime, Family) - Inspired by a legendary band of rodent warriors, a group of forest critters attempts to bring law to their wilderness sanctuary. 89 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Magic, Inc. by Justin Swartz

(Anime) - Magic, Inc. is the story of a team of paranormal peacekeepers living in the California area. Their members include 23 year-old Micah Taylor, wielder of the enchanted sword Ladysmith; 32 year-old Tess, a witch who has given up the pointy hat and broomstick for racing leathers and a motorbike; 16 year-old Ami, a Shinto shrine maiden who is still learning her skills; Seishiro, a Japanese onmyodo (spirit medium) who is the team's technical advisor and cook; and Kiera, the 23 year-old mystical gunsmith who is the mission coordinator and Micah's childhood friend. And let's not forget Lieutenant Dan Zandarski, who utters the phrase 'What a way to check out' once per episode. Welcome to the world of Magic, Inc., where magic happens in more ways than one. 42 pages. (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Milo by Mike Jones (mgj)

(Anime) - A down-on-his-luck freelance musician mouse (Milo) finds himself at the end of his rope after spoiling his one shot at making it to the big time. After a chance run-in with his arch-rival, the infamous Johnny rat who has his own sights set on making it, Milo is drawn back into the cutthroat music scene. The stage is set. Will Milo ride destiny to fame? Or will Johnny and his fellow rat-followers foil his one chance to become the big star he always knew he could be? 93 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

MSG:VC - - A World without REAL Gundams by Antoine Marshall (raven4000)

(Anime) - After countless years of war and bloodshed, mobile suits soon vanish from universe, but people's memories of them would always stay behind. The Saint corporation, the creators of many of today's high-tech inventions created the virtual world for the sole purpose of interacting with individuals around the world from any location. It was later on, when someone thought of hacking mobile suits in came to mind. This was done not to restart the wars of old, but to release the inner nature of mankind. Soon after, disputes, educational courses, dates, even combat training was all done by engaging within the virtual world. 31 pages (html - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Pandamonium by Richard L. Sartore

(Anime) - A panda bear is sent as a gift to the United States. Upon arrival, the panda is confused for a prize-wining siberian husky and mistakenly kidnapped instead. Two siblings, staying temporarily with neighbors, discover the abducted panda. The story is complicated by the trusted neighbors (NICK and CLARA) who are actually the kidnappers. Like any kids who find an animal, they suddenly develop an attachment. But this is no typical panda. The panda, in addition to speaking, ultimately uses it's WISH POWER to transform into a teenage boy. (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Rampage: Episode 1 by DarkForce

(Anime) - Based on the smash hit game this animated comedy series follows the misadventures of Lizzie, George and Ralph as they battle to protect their beloved city of BIGTOWN from hoardes of aliens, giant robots and other nasties. (rtf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Rampage: Episode 2 by DarkForce

(Anime) - With the invasion of BIGTOWN underway by the Korrilian hoardes, Lizzie, George and Ralph must use their new found powers to protect their beloved city. (rtf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Squirrel Island by Jane Finch

(Anime) - Squirrel Island tells the story of Rowan, a loveable and inquisitive young red squirrel, living with his family in the wilds of Norfolk. Rowan hears about the 'Grey Invaders' who years ago attacked the red squirrels and killed his father. One day, in his secret place by a stream, Rowan meets Fern, and although she is a grey squirrel, they become firm friends. 110 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Sword By Tree, The by Scott Thompson

(Anime) - Live by the sword. A boy finds there are consequences to carrying a weapon. 91 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Too Fat To Fly South by Anthony Amenta

(Anime) - A young boy who became traumatically lame after his father's sudden death prays for a miracle to heal his disabled leg while also praying for a miracle at the same time is a grossly overweight robin stranded in the snow and facing certain death, who no longer can fly because of his notorious gluttony. 97 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Woodley by Richard L. Sartore

(Anime) - A bird named Woodley has a handicap but still dreams of being a majestic eagle . His parents question whether he'll survive on his own in the wild. An eagle abducts Woodley's best friend, Tito the mouse, and takes him to his nest as a treat for his soon to be hatched young. Woodley goes on a hero's quest to rescue his friend. This spawns subplots of Woodley meeting interesting woodland folks/critters and then helping and making friends along the way that eventually come to his aid in rescuing Tito from the eagle. Accompanying him on his adventurous journey are Ajax, a rabbit who lost his sister to an eagle, and Jam, a puppy hunting hound saved in the woods by Woodley and Ajax. After numerous obstacles, Woodley frees Tito and returns to the nest to rescue the trapped eagle and his newborns from the ravages of a forest fire. After his experience, he realizes the aggressive survival nature of eagles toward other creatures. This is contrary to Woodley's beliefs. Thus, Woodley doesn't want to be an eagle any longer. Woodley is happy being himself, a woodpecker. Aside from the solid entertaining value of the story, there are countless positive messages for the young and old alike. The animation is intended to go far beyond the storyline and have people seriously ponder what they viewed. 90 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

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