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Dexter - Looking Glass by James Visconti (lavinny) hosted by

(Series) - Dexter fights for his life after a car accident. 42 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Samurai Hitchhiker by Joe Allen Barniak

(Short, Action) - Ryu is walking along a highway carying a pool stick bag when a green car flicks him off. He runs after the car and catches the driver(Ken) at the stoplight. Ken jumps out the car and runs through the woods carrying his hat. In classic Anime style, Ryu pulls a long sword from his bag chasing Ken. Ryu swings the sword and misses, cutting into a tree. Ken throws his hat slicing through the woods like a blade and cuts into a tree. In the end Ryu wins. An old fashioned Real life Anime. 4 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Apocalypes in Stiles Close by Ryan Thompson

(Action, Horror, Comedy) - Its a film about stiles close serial killers from other films such as freddy, jason, scream, dracula, chucky and other killers come to the close they want to take over the world starting with the close and the kids in the close have to stop them but they have a litle help from buffy and the gang, blade, angle, spike, rex, and some others. 138 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Motherland Soul - 1x01 by Octavian Carter

(Series, Anime) - Inspired by programs such as "Cowboy Bebop" and "Samurai Champloo", Motherland Soul is sci-fi/historical fiction mix of modern action influence, modern culture influence, and themes of racial unity as a lone Carthaginian mercenary seeks vengeance and profit amidst turbulent times following the Second Punic War. However, there are forces at work from not just his era, but possibly even our own. 20 pages (rtf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

The Dining Table by Chris D. Cox

(Drama) - A dining table is the connecting factor for four diverse southern families over a sixty year period beginning just before WWII. Each family uses the table for its intended purpose, but in the south, the dining table is more than a piece of furniture. It's a place for the family to gather and share food as well as dreams and burdens. Each family uses the dining table as provider and alter. 87 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

The Mute by T. J. Hundtofte (death monkey)

(Short, Post-apocalyptic) - People started to disappear. Vanish from the face of the earth. The few who survived find they've lost all ability to speak, and that some have lost much more than that. 24 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Monster War by Dorian J. Mortecai

(Short, Sci Fi, Spoof, B Movie) - Set in a sort of post-apocolyptic future, a war has ravaged earth, a small group of warriors wander through the desert, looking for shelter. Taking refuge in an abandoned research facility, the warriors think they may have found safety -- until a man comes to the facility, terrified. He tells them of an unspeakable horror coming their way: the Hydras. 16 pages (rtf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Lunchroom, The: Season 5: Episode 02 "Life's Too Short" by Bruce Snyder

(Series, Comedy) - The Gang decides to skip school in order to catch a special screening of "Star Wars" two towns over. Will's new lady friend Nadine Santos is giving Ellen a run for her money. 59 pages (html - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Sleeper in the Valley by Matěj Grunt (matos) hosted by Sleeper in the Valley

(Drama) - Four friends decide to spend a day on a desert island, shooting cans - but this day turns into the worst day of our lives after they find a dead boy that they probably killed. A story of friendship, guilt and faith… 86 pages (fdr - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Acceptance by Chris Grindley-Ferris

(Adventure) - An evangelist suspected of being a pedophile and a lesbian with attitude are both implicated in the death of a young girl. They are two of a trio of survivors of an atomic apocalypse; the third is a precocious preteen girl! Their existence depends on whether they can find civilization they're not sure even exists. 117 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Living The Life: Episode 02 by Luke Goodwin and Dustin Vestal

(Short, Animation, Comedy, Short) - French Rats? Lake Pirates? Mr. Rodgers? Great Uncle Leo is down for a visit and now Todd and Sam are in for an amuzing time! 11 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

The Stalker by Dale Murray (cirrus)

(Short, Horror) - A Short Horror about a young woman being stalked in her own home. Just a short scene I was writing which I may develop into a feature length. 9 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

May God Save Your Soul by Panos Capo d'Istria (Panagiotis Kapodistrias)

(Comedy, Play) - Maria is the executive of a construction company, trying to get on her feet after her divorce with John. When her company participates in a public bid for a highway commission, she learns that her ex-husband's company has also participated. In a moment of desperation, she exclaims that she would even sell her soul to Devil in order to win that bid and revenge her husband. 53 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Youth of Babylon by Robin C. Johnston

(Drama) - A thousand years in the past. At the coast of the Mediterranean a Viking expedition finds the body of a young man floating out to sea. He is still alive. They hand the young man over to a Magi called Karsudan. Karsudan, his fellow Magi 'Old Face' and a younger Zoroastrian Priest named Rae'yeva, call the man 'Utu', and they take him back into the desert. While traveling they are attacked by demonic creatures. Utu is saved by a Viking, Aergwulf, and is left wandering alone in the desert. He reaches a ruined Ziggurat temple in the desert. There he is killed by a blow to the head by a man in black armour. He falls into deep water and disappears. 100 pages (html - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

The Cleavers by Randy Robinson

(Short) - Arguing... kidnapping... cheating... victims escaping. Just a normal day for The Cleavers. (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

Prince of Darkness by Benjamin Pearce

(Horror) - In this remake of John Carpenter's 1987 film Prince of Darkness, a group of college students and professors team up with religion to figuew out what secrets a tank of sludge holds inside it. When they find out that the slime is a liquid satan, that's only the beginning of the Tragedy that will happen on Easter of 2008 if the students and Father Meyers do not team up to stop Satan himself and his group of lapdogs. 64 pages (doc - formatting: ) - Discuss this script

The Breaking Point by Jemal Anderson hosted by Sugar Kane Online

(Action) - Based on the true life experiences of hip hop artist Sugar Kane "The Breaking Point" is a thriller jam packed with pain, power, heart wrenching monologs, and betrayal. An unnaturally talented young pianist use to the limelight is stripped of his will to succeed when tragedy strikes. He is once and for all put to the test struggling to survive in slums of the ghetto streets and is pushed...too...far. 45 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Placebo by Martin Lancaster

(Short, Horror) - In the wake of a clinical trial gone wrong, two members of the control group find themselves fighting for their lives. 6 pages (doc - formatting: )

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Crime of Passion by Chris Lee (SwapJack)

(Short) - Volatile Matt Rogers suspects the worse when his trophy wife-to-be comes home late from work and smells of alcohol. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. 12 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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The Lakeside by Alex (lexi)

(Thriller) - Amanda and her friends went to a cabin by a lake for a weeks vacation, but when a young boy turns up looking for his campsite, with a story about a boy killed by the lake, stange things begin to happen. Is it something to do with the stranger or is there something behind the boy's story? 77 pages (doc - formatting: )

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A Simple Discussion About Time Travel by Robert Skotte (sniper)

(Short) - Four friends enjoy a night of poker. That is until the conversation turns to Time Travel and who John Connor's original father was. 10 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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The Coven by Dale Murray (cirrus)

(Horror, Supernatural) - A teenage coven has formed in a small village named Shieldhill. Everything seems to be going well until the High Priest Alex suggests a new coven spot. However some are they dabbling in something they cannot control? - Supernatural Horror with 3 Endings. 90 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Bike by Yusuf Gillani

(Short, Drama) - A young boy and his bike, trying to survive the rough neighbourhood. 12 pages (doc - formatting: )

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The Sling by D.H. Bradway

(Short, Drama, Action) - The story of David and the hour preceeding his battle with Goliath. 15 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Because I Can by Zack M. Akers

(Short, Horror) - A teacher and his sick fetish become one students worst nightmare! 8 pages (rtf - formatting: )

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Carlton Heights - Pilot by Bradley Jacobson (swivek)

(Series, Comedy, Drama) - A hybrid of Knots Landing, Desperate Housewives and Queer As Folk, which begins when Dylan and Scott Irving arrive in Carlton Heights. As the Irvings move into a friendly cul-de-sac, they meet their new neighbors - Larry and Zimmy Bustamante, the happy couple with the newborn twins, the Mitchells - sarcastic and unhappy Marty and his sleazy husband Ronald who happens to be Scott's new boss. Then there's sexy and very single Aidan Palmer whose oversexed shenanigans involve both Marty and Larry's husbands. 61 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Lan: Let the Games Begin by Leonard Pothier and Jeff Long

(Comedy) - This is a script based off actual events from our lives as a group of friends prepare for an upcoming LAN Tournament, as will as deal with everyday life leading up to the event. 160 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Sic Semper Tyrannis by Robert Skotte

(Short, Drama) - Though based on actual events, this story is more or less fictional. It portrays the few remaining minutes of a young man's life as he is readied for execution by lethal injection. The families of his victims hope for closure while his family seek answers to the question...why? 20 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Borat: Cultural Learnings of Da Vinci Code for Make Benefit Glorious Nation MT and V Movie-film Awards by Ke Huang

(Short, Parody, Spoof) - The film starts with a robbery and murder in the Borat Museum. The criminal is looking to acquire Borat's controversial yet powerful moustache. Although he has not found the treasure, the murderer is attacked by Borat's enemies. On the other side of the town, a Harvard professor, Dr. Roberto Langdoni, and Borat's granddaughter, Sophie, try to find the murderer. Although they are also unsuccessful in their adventure, with the help of Lee Tabling, who is a Borat-hater, Langdoni and Sophie are able to discover the secret of the holy moustache. (pdf - formatting: )

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Living The Life:Pilot Episode by Luke Goodwin

(Short, Animation, Comedy, Short) - Todd and Sam try to get away with throwing a party. But what they dont know is that throwing a secret un-supervised party can be harder than they think. 8 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Kristallnacht by Spencer G

(Short, Drama) - About the events that occurred on November 9th, 1938 and into the early morning hours of the 10th in Germany. The film follows a Jewish man, David, and his wife, Deborah, on this night and what they do to stay out of danger. 11 pages (doc - formatting: )

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Entourage - Oh, Brother by Daniel Manachi (icqcrash)

(Series) - Johnny "Drama" Chase finally gets his big break - to star in the CHIPS remake. 29 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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In search of the Tasmanian Tiger by Paul Williams

(Short, Sci Fi) - Anna wants to be a cryptozoologist but is there a Tasmanian Tiger that wants to be a man? (html - formatting: )

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Painted Black by Chris Lee (swapjack)

(Short, Drama, Goth, Horror) - A gothic "Alice in Wonderland" tale of a teenage girl and her all-night journey through the mysterious forest that surrounds her house. 18 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Grin and Bear It by Matthew Buchwald

(Comedy) - When crackpot college boy J. Harry Hapless falls for the cold-hearted football team cheerleader, his life goes haywire in a non-stop series of madcap capers that take him around the world in a bearsuit. 101 pages (doc - formatting: )

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Chat Room Encounter by Ryan

(Short, PSA, Commercial) - ‘Chat Room Encounter' is a short script, possibly a commercial, about a young girl, Jessica, who begins chatting with, who she believes is a boy, but who really turns out to be a predator. The film is designed to inform parents and kids alike of the dangers of the cyber world. 3 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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I Scream by Pat Fitzgerald

(Short) - This is what happens when the ice cream truck business gets too far out of hand. 6 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Boiled Beef and Carrots by Ron Foth Jr.

(Action) - Two neighbors. One's a liberal. One's a conservative. Both can agree, they want to kill each other. 21 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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The Stringman Incident by Tim Stubinski

(Comedy) - They call Nathan Stringman a geek, only concerned with books, music and playing online computer games with his even geekier friends. He stumbles through his high school days seemingly oblivious but secretly hoping for something exciting to happen, anything. 101 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Sick Day by David Wells

(Short, Comedy) - An ill employee calls in to take a sick day only to find out that management has developed a new and unique approach in dealing with employee ailments. 10 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Weeding Eden by Andrew Mikel Lilleberg & Preston A. Fassel

(Drama, Noir, Dark Comedy) - The film revolves around Clare Laveau a sleazy, alcoholic detective who makes a good deal of his income from the Wilsons, Arthur and Eve. Arthur is a once-strong community pillar type whose life fell apart when a secret love affair led to a sexually transmitted disease known as genital herpes, which has messed up his mental state, and has rendered him unable to satisfy his wife. Arthur has constantly hiring Laveau to spy on Eve, and Eve is always been paying off Laveau to keep quiet about her affair with a handsome art dealer named Paul van Bredam. One night Laveau is summoned to the office of Francis Orwell, the founder of Eden a wooded paradise populated by the richest and most affluent people in the state, Lately, the town has been plagued by an upsurge in drug related crimes, all of which the DEA have tied to a seemingly untraceable drug baron known as the Dutchman. 168 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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Prison Break 3x01 - "Ino Kan" by Devon Ragnar

(Series, Action) - Michael makes new friends but a confrontation with an old foe leaves him breathless; Lincoln searches for Sara in all the wrong places; T-Bag grows a tail; Bellick is being toyed with; and faces from the past make a surprise appearance. 35 pages (pdf - formatting: )

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20 Miles Till Death by Zack M. Akers

(Short) - A couple traveling the back roads encounter a murderous police officer. 11 pages (rtf - formatting: )

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