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If you have written a complete script and you want some exposure, this is the place to be. Please note: The Unproduced section of the site is merely a showcase for unproduced, original scripts on the 'net. This gives folks an opportunity to read and comment on what you have written. Posting your script or link to your script on SimplyScripts does not guarantee anything.

Please fill out the below as completely as possible. Note: the *'d items are required.

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(If you wish to have host the script, you will have an opportunity to upload it after submitting this form. Please note, your file can be no more than 500 kilobytes.)
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I understand that Simply Scripts will review my work for appropriateness for hosting or posting on 

I understand that my email address will be displayed with my script in the event anyone has comments about the script. 

I understand that protection of my work is solely my responsibility and that I will NOT hold responsible if my work is stolen or misused in any way. 

It is Strongly Suggested that you put, "Copyright (c) 2016 This screenplaymay not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author." on the title page of your script

I understand that if I wish my script or link to my script to be removed, I will notify the webmaster at:  using the same e-mail address with which I submitted the script. I understand it may take up to 10 days or more before the script or link will be removed.

I understand that once my script or link to my script is posted to the site, third party search engines, such as google or msn or yahoo, may show my work in search results and may cache those results. I understand that simplyscripts has no control over the appearance or removal of my work from those search listings.

I understand that submission of my script does not guarantee that will either host the script or post a link to the script.

I understand that is merely a showcase for unproduced/original scripts and in no way guarantees that my script will be read by producers or directors or anyone who will produce my script.

I understand that will only link to full scripts.  Simplyscripts will not link to only a log line or synopsis or idea or incomplete script.  Simplyscripts will only link to a full, complete script.

The work I am submitting is my own work

(check here that you have read and understood the above paragraph)


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