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This is the "Was New But Now Isn't" Archives of updates for the past year. It will take a bit to download.

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What Was New - Return to Was New Archive

August 29, 2003 - Sad news. The Weekly Script is down for the count. There will be some dead links for a while whilst I get things cleaned up.

August 27, 2003 - On the TV Scripts and Transcripts Page, thanks to 'philtr' at Fast Lane Resource for the heads up on transcripts of Fast Lane

Also, on the Announcements Page, Sundance Institute is accepting applications for the 2004 ALFRED P. SLOAN Fellowship

August 26, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page thanks to Green Wasabi and Daily Script for 187

August 25, 2003 - Even Later that morning - Go to the Movie Scripts Page and say thank you to Wizdoc for the heads up on this unspecified draft script (not transcript, maties! - SCRIPT) for Pirates of the Carribean hosted by Script-Fix - Affordable screenplay coverage and script database.

August 25, 2003 - Later that morning - On the Unproduced Scripts Page, Adam brings out two more scripts - The Forgotten Ones and Obsession Never Dies. Jordan tries his hand at a "Smallville" script with Phoenix. B.L. comes out with an interesting script about a woman who cleans up after hit men with Clean. And Ben tries his hand at 'Child's Play' with Child's Play 5.

Also, at the bottom of this week's Unproduced Scripts Page is a link to the previous weeks submission. This goes back to submission to July 17th.

August 25, 2003 - Green Wasabi and Daily Script bring out Possession. Check it out on the Movie Scripts Page.

August 24, 2003 - On the Unproduced Scripts page - Alan is back with The Creator. Chase has Batman: Reborn. Matt has the seventh episode of Twilight Realm. Max has Death Campus. Lawrence brings back Its a crime. Casey cranks out another script with Woods of Terror. Adam has a really neat The Shadows and John has Once Again.

August 22, 2003

EVERYBODY, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR VIRUS SOFTWARE! Don't go 'barebacking' on the internet. Update your windows and update your virus software. I'm averaging a virus laden email a minute on my servers.

If you have received any e-mail from me like "Thank you" or "Your details" is isn't from me. This virus forges email addresses from the infected computer onto the email before sending it out. They are not coming from me. Trust me.

Now, everyone shout, "Semper Fi!" and thanks to "Equis" and Movie Scripts On Line and hope over to the Movie Scripts Page and read an early draft of Passenger 57 (of course, after you have gone to Update your windows and after you have updated your Virus Software.)

Note: I am way behind on e-mail and updating. If you have submitted a script this week for the Unproduced Page, please be patient and check on Monday. It should be up by then.


August 21, 2003 (Later that Day)

On the Movie Scripts Page the script to next years Sugar. Thanks to Sugar the Movie, Lisa and The Movie Page.

August 21, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page, the Real original draft of Back to the Future. Thanks to,, Kristen and Jesse

August 20, 2003 - Breaking News!

Rohit has sold two scripts and has a third under consideration. He writes:

First of all I must commend you on the fine job you're doing on giving new screenwriters like me the chance to showcase their work. It's true, I got tremendous exposure from simply scripts - I got valuable feedback and also emails from a few interested filmmakers.

I have just signed the deal for Stolen Hearts and Fear The Killer (now called Scared To Death). They will start shooting simultaneously in India and UK respectively in the coming few months, (both will be productions by Bollywood). ‘The End' is currently under consideration by a prod co[mpany]. I thank Simply Scripts for all the help. Keep up the good work.

Rohit G.

Note: Rohit's scripts have been removed from the site at his request, however, I've put the log lines up for you all to see.

August 20, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page thanks to Matthew for the heads up on this early draft script (and pretty cool site if you dig Richard Stanley) of Hardware (note, to find this script, 1) wait for the pop-ups to clear. 2) click on "The Hardware Script". 3) Then scroll down and click on "The Hardware screenplay (Rich Text Format)". The script is zipped.

August 19, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page thanks to "Anonymous" for the heads up on the transcript of Le Pacte des Loups (aka Brotherhood of the Wolf).

August 18, 2003 - On the Radio Scripts Page Big thanks to Marie for the heads up on two Old Time Radio scripts. We have another episode of Fibber McGee and Molly with Minding Gildersleeve's House and another episode of Quiet Please with Nothing Behind the Door.

There is a new unproduced treatment on the Treatments Page.

Lastly, on the Movie Scripts Page, thanks to Green Wasabi and The Daily Script for this early draft of the Cosner movie The Postman. And, thanks to Field_Left_Blank for the heads up on a new Script Site and new script. New on the block is All Movie Scripts who has brought out Basic.

August 16, 2003 - On the Unproduced Scripts Page, 26 new and original scripts for your reading pleasure.

August 15, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page, Thanks to Green Wasabi for a first draft of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and a draft of A Perfect World - Two early Kevin Cosner flicks. Thanks also to The Movie Page and The Daily Script. Also, there is a text version of an early draft of The Last Samurai thanks to The Weekly Script

August 12, 2003 - On the TV Scripts and Transcripts Page - a whole bunch of new transcripts and scripts. Thanks to Dinobot and SciFi Scripts we have three scripts of the Beast Wars series. Thanks to M.R. for the heads up on a cool X-men Evolution transcript site. Also, Twiz has updated his site with some new scripts and transcripts. Also, thanks to Jacob for the heads up on The Facts of Life transcripts.

August 11, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page, Green Wasabi strikes again with this draft of Virtuosity

August 8, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page Thanks to Green Wasabi for Get Carter the 2000 remake of the 1971 movie Get Carter.

On the Unproduced Scripts Page a ton of new scripts for your reading pleasure. We have a new series by Alan called The Creator. Casey is back with three new sequels of his script The Slasher. Frank has his black comedy Pitfall. Elliott is moving away from the horror genre with his drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. There is a new Twilight Realm episode to read as well as a sequel to American Loser. Matt is trying his hand at a Batman pilot. Matthew proves that he can write more than short scripts with his first (I think) feature length script Crime of the Century. Mike The Video House and Vikas is looking for some comments on his work The Virus Within.

August 4, 2003 - Thanks to Green Wasabi for Collateral Damage. Read it on the Movie Scripts Page

August 2, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page Thanks to Wizdoc for the heads up on this link to a John "Star Trek: Nemisis, The Time Machine, Gladiator" Logan Penned script The Last Samurai

And when you have time, check out Script Fix - Affordable Script Coverage.

On the Unproduced page we have Twilight Realm. Two from Georgia (person's name, not the state) a romantic comedy with Escape from Heaven and a thriller with Dust to Dust. Casey is back again and has Slasher. A horror flick, you think? Stefan has an interesting tale about a post-nuclear future with Fallout. Lastly, Wesly has his take on werewolves with his script Silver

August 2, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page Thanks again to Green Wasabi for these two - Inventing the Abbotts and Above The Law

August 1, 2003 - On the Movie Scripts Page thanks to Green Wasabi for A Walk to Remember

And this just in from Stefan with more info on The Last Boy Scout

"Just wanted to let you know, that what you have is Shane Blacks first draft. I bought the same one almost ten years ago at the Hollywood Book City Store. Great fun to read, as all of Blacks Scripts. This one has a lot more and different back story to the whole bad guy thing. You should try and get your hands on the LONG KISS GOODNIGHT first draft - so much better then the final film. Same goes for Boy Scout of course. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the info!

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