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Rohit's Log Lines

The End by Rohit Gahlowt

(Drama) - What if you woke up one night and found that the night just doesn't end. It goes on and on and on, until...

Fear, the Killer by Rohit Gahlowt

(Horror) - The portrait of an Indian Maharaj (king) starts to change bit by bit driving its latest owner crazy. Nobody believes that the portrait is changing. The owner lives in utmost fear moving closer to his death as he starts to lose his mind and his strength. But that's just half the story... the question put across here is Can fear actually kill?

Stolen Hearts by Rohit Gahlowt

(Drama, Romance) - To prevent his daughter from marrying the man he loathes, a millionaire father plans to get her kidnapped by the person he's chosen for her (he expects the Stockholm Syndrome to work expecting her to fall in love with the NICE kidnapper). But all hell breaks lose when the fake kidnapping is witnessed by a media hungry man who tells the world about it. Soon a manhunt begins for the elusive kidnapper and his beautiful victim... as the police, gangsters and every Tom, Dick and Harry join in, the kidnapper starts to turn into the girl's protector, and begins to steal her heart...

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