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Welcome to the New and Improved Unproduced Page
A Showcase for Original Scripts on the Net!
See new additions below or pick your genre on the left. Please Note: If you wish to contact any of the writers, please change the (a) to an @. This was put into place to keep dopey spammers from harvesting e-mail addresses from the site

Death-d-fying by Sean Lander

(Action, Adventure, Drama) - The film is about a boy named Tom, a girl named Angie and their boss, the one who also likes Tom, Francy. also the bad guy, Bart. if you're up for something new, then this is it. (doc - formatting: )

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Lunchroom, The: Season 3: Ep11 'Slow Fuse' by Edward Drogos, Bruce Snyder & Vincent Biga

(Series, Comedy) - Joel (reluctantly) agrees to go on a double date with Chris and Kate, with Cathy being his date. But Chris wants more then just that, he also forces Joel to be extra nice to Kate so no more suicidal feelings will arise. Will, Brian, and Casey go to the movies where they fight over popcorn, witness a sexy toothpaste ad, and have an argument in the bathroom about trash cans. Reicther and his father go "Night Hunting." And Brock seems to be getting tired of hearing about Sarah's new boyfriend Scott Greenberg. Rated TV-MA for Adult Language and Adult Themes. (htm - formatting: )

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Nam by Michael A Freude hosted by

(Action, Military) - This is my story of my tour of Vietnam in 1969. I was a nineteen year old boy, joining a Infranity unit, that spends a week on the Hiil, then two months out in the bush. This story tells, unknown to us, the real horror of war, and how boys become men, but will never be that same person they were, when they first arrive in-country. (html - formatting: )

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Inside End Out by Steve Burton

(Drama, Fantasy-Spiritual) - Terri Perkins, a pretty teenage girl, instantly becomes a boy. The compassionate "Aliens", in disguise, return Terri to female, after discovering a remedy. Then, her physical beauty that has always been taken for granted, is challenged by an accident, leading to another compelling epiphany. (rtf - formatting: )

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The Gallery by Jennifer Fumero

(Drama) - Six teens battle their inner demons among their peers in a battle between good vs. evil. The tears that connect them are by the misguided strings of the master creator of their hell, Kirsten. The tragic steps of their lives chronicle their road to perdition. The first seven minuets change the route of their lives forever. (doc - formatting: )

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The Jigsaw Paradigm by Jennifer Newell ( j.lee roe)

(Drama, Dark) - ‘The Jigsaw Paradigm' tells the story of Katherine, a young woman who has tried to commit suicide. Told in a series of flashbacks about her suicide and the present life she is leading two years on from her failed attempt, she has formed an unlikely friendship with another failed suicide victim called Spencer who has tried to kill himself six times. As Katherine struggles to understand why she tried to commit suicide, and her difficulty in facing up to questions she doesn't have the answer to, she finds herself questioning such irrational acts. What is the pattern to suicide as in what is the pattern to life? Katherine's own struggle to find answers and face the truth is mirrored by all the other characters that are somehow all linked in a puzzle with no key, many of them with their own questions and truths they must eventually face up to. It's a series of events that have been and already are set in motion that then affect all of their lives for better or worse. And like a jigsaw they fit together in places but not all the pieces fitting, because just when you think you know the rules/pattern there is always someone or something that comes along and adds something new, like a new twist. All in all I guess I would describe it as a dark/black drama. (doc - formatting: )

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New Moon by Jerry W. Hawkins

(Action) - A small town Sheriff deals with his troubled relationship with his teenaged daughter, Government Agents, and something in the woods. (pdf - formatting: )

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Stress Point by Gene Krug

(Thriller) - A middle-aged lawyer breaks the first rule of jurisprudence by falling in love with his very young and very beautiful client, who is a murder suspect. He starts out dazzled by her looks and youth, and convinced of her innocence… but as time goes by, doubts set in. (html - formatting: )

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Family Portrait by Jennifer Fumero

(Drama) - A family who is spawn by the media as "The Perfect Family," gets real behind the lens. Their wholesome images are tarnished as the "perfect husband" turns out to be a jack of all traits. With his killer eyes, his family is damned to a world of adult and child prostitution and drugs. His beautiful wife and younger daughter beg their way out opposing to the raven beauty of the elder daughter whose looks are impeccable but judging from her heart; she is a monster. A turn over of events caliber the lives of this family that will ultimately cause the destruction of a bond. (doc - formatting: )

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Zapruder by Dustin Martin

(Short, Drama) - The Zapruder Film is about the true story of Abraham Zapruder who is being questioned by the FBI about his famous film that captured President Kennedy's assassination. (rtf - formatting: )

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The Mist by Don Lee Harris

(Action) - During Desert Storm, Saddam commissioned a ship to be built in complete secrecy. Twelve years later the ship is finished but Saddam is in hiding and at War. He assigns his right-hand man Al Kaleef Adwat, a stone cold killer and assassin to look after the ship and its crew until he is able to join him. But Kaleef has his own agenda and it doesn't include Saddam. Kaleef turns Saddam into the Americans and plans his attack on America and any other country that might be in his way of his plans for World domination. (scw - formatting: )

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The Brother by Benjamin Pearce

(Horror) - A regular guy, Allen. Snaps after his brothers and neighbors are treating him like dirt. So he decides to get his Revenge. So he terrorizes his brothers and neighbors in his house. (doc - formatting: )

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Beginnings, Episode 1 by Jason Gulati (eljefedetonto)

(Series, Comedy) - This is the pilot of a comedy series that follows six Spokane, Washington teenagers as they find ways to adjust to their new environment: high school. Some of them are looking for a fresh start, while others are just looking to keep doing what they've been doing. (html - formatting: )

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Bad Days by Morten Hansen hosted by Thornet

(Action) - Jim and Joanna are fighting each their set of problems, when fate brings them together, in the struggle to keep Thor's hammer from a madman, who will use its powers in his pursuit to rule the world. A "Viking" shows up, and claims that the hammer is rightfully his. (pdf - formatting: )

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