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    submissions closed for the January One Week Challenge.

Love is in the air! - Welcome to the January/February 2019 OWC. Your challenge, should you chose to partake, is to write a properly formatted script 5 - 10 pages, not including the title page.

Theme: Love/Romance
Genre: Rom-com
Challenge: Roses, chocolate and something red must be in the script. They should not be mere props in the background, but play some part, even if small.

There will be a Review Page E-mailed to you for you to score the scripts you read. Please only give scores to scripts that you have read. Please do not rate scripts in your review.

Timeline: Scripts are due February 1st at 11:59PM EST to

Scripts will be posted February 2nd.
Votes are due February 15th.
Scores will be posted Sunday February 17th.

This isn't a contest - it's a challenge. There are no official prizes, but stranger things have happened...

You may submit more than one script, but be aware that we have some seriously good writers here. IMO, it's better to write one GREAT script than two or three mediocre ones. However, if you can pull it off, you're welcome to.

You can revise your script as many times as you wish up until February 1st 11:59 EST. Do not put your real name on your script - this is an anonymous challenge. However, please use your real name when submitting your script here After the challenge closes you can either have your script removed or resubmit your script with your name on it.

Participants are strongly encouraged to read and comment/review the other scripts submitted.

Please put ©2019 on your title page.

Best of luck and I hope everyone enjoys this challenge.

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