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Kangaroo Jack - Review

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Reviewed by: Max - SimplyScripts Reviewer

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Director: David McNally
Writers: Steve Bing and Scott Rosenberg
Starring: Jerry O'Connell as Charlie Carbone
Anthony Anderson as Louis Booker
Estella Warren as Jessie

Grade: D+

"Kangaroo Jack" begins with a funny flashback of Charlie Carbone as a kid. He is trying to catch a football but it falls in the ocean. Charlie goes to get it. Then he realizes he can't swim and begins to drown. Then when Louis Booker sees him drowning he goes in to save him. The buddies eventually grow up and become best pals. Louis is always getting into trouble. He is asked to deliver a bag filled with an unknown item inside to Australia. Since Louis saved Charlie's life, Charlie does practically anything that Louis says. So him and Louis head to Australia.

While they're driving through Australia they accidentally run over a kangaroo. They think he's dead. So they decide to have a little fun. They put the coat Louis was wearing on the dead kangaroo (which also has the money in it) and take a picture of it. Talk about making white people look stupid! They soon discover the kangaroo is not dead and it takes off with their money. They go on a wild adventure to get it back.

Talk about a stupid and boring movie. I only laughed about once every twenty minutes, which isn't good. It just felt really disjointed and didn't come together well. I'm a big fan of all three of these actors (especially Estella Warren. Damn, talk about big boobs) but all they do here is embarrass themselves.

I'm really not sure how this movie was made. Jeez, any person that wants to make this movie is freaking crazy. Jerry Bruckheimer produced this. He's produced such great action films like "Armageddon" and "The Rock." How in the heck did he get offered this job? How in the heck did he even find interest in it? People will do anything for money.

And I was really ticked about the kangaroo talking only for once scene. Talk about false advertising. In the trailer you see the kangaroo singing and dancing. But in the movie the kangaroo talks in one scene! That's the reason I saw this movie! Hey, I'm not a kid but I can still like singing kangaroos.

Very unfunny and very unorganized. For some reason I felt that a ton of scenes were cut from this film. I'm not sure about that but there's a couple things that could have made this a lot better.

copyright (c) 2003 Max Colston, used with permission

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