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The Invasion - Review

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The Invasion

Reviewed by: The Boy Who Could Fly

CRAPTASTIC!!!!!!! That's the word I would use to describe this film, this has got to be one of the weakest, dull, and joyless sci fi films that I have seen in a long while.

This is another re make of the body snatchers, I have liked a couple of them in the past, the one that took place at a military base and the one with Spock and Jack Bauer's dad in it. I thought those were kinda cool, but this one, felt like the filmmakers took a dump in a bunch of tins, sent them to the cinema's so that they can be flung up onto the screen.

I'm sure everyone knows the plot, aliens come from outer space, infect people while they sleep and they wake up as some kind of zombie, but in this one, they are just vomit martians, that's right, they vomit on you, or in your drinks, then you become infected, when you go to sleep the change occurs. Who the hell wrote this cr**? Me? Jesus Pleasus, I mean, ya got Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in a movie about vomit martians, what a waste of talent.

So ya, Nicole Kidman's ex husband is one of the first to be infected, turns out he has a pretty important government job so most of the government gets infected first, then he pukes on Nicole Kidman, she's infected, but she knows she won't change if she stays awake, and as it turns out her son is immune to the infection because of some disease he has but he has been kidnapped by his puke monster dad, so Mrs. ex Tom Cruise and James Bond try to find him to bring him to some military base so that they can come up with an antidote, but almost the whole country has become vomit martians.

They one good thing in the film is Daniel Craig, he is the only interesting character in the film, too bad he has such a small part, he just pops up from time to time, hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if at some time he will fall asleep, you don't need a brain to figure that out.

Then there is a part where Nicole gets ahold of a gun, she is dead tired, everything is a blur, but she caps about 5 alien spew creatures with one shot each, she should have the aim of Ray Charles at this time, but she shoots like Dirty Harry, she's a better shot than Oswald.

The movie has one cool car chase when about a dozen vomit martians are hanging on her car as she speeds through the city, if the movie had more of that maybe it wouldn't be so dull.

The end is just a cop out, there are no twists, no drama, just ends like a fart in the wind.

Copyright 2007 The Boy Who Could Fly

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