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Ghost Ship - Film Review

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Ghost Ship
Reviewed by: Slimmydee

Director: Steve Black
Writer: Mark Hanlon
Murphy: Gabriel Byrne
Epps: Julianna Margulies
Dodge: Ron Eldard

Rating: 3/10

Plot - A crew traveling through the deep blue sea wind up crashing into a huge abandoned ship. Weird stuff and cheap scares occur. Woohoo...

What a crock of crap. No offense, but originality is dying with horror movies of today. This flick is boring, predictable, and stupid. The acting is pretty lame, the scare factor is laid down horribly, and the plot is just bad. I know I shouldn't expect much from this movie, but it's just pretty close to being horrible. I admit, some of the scenes are cool, I liked seeing the gore, and I liked only a few of the characters. I will go ahead and say this: I can't stand movies that rely on 'jumps' to scare audiences. It's okay if it's tossed in with a good horror flick, but that is all this movie relied on. It relied on crappy jump scares, and thats basiclly it. I already hate this movie just because people call it good. It sickens me to hear people say that they know horror movies and occasionally hear this: "Ghost Ship and Darkness Falls are the scariest movies ever." When I hear that, and trust me, I have, I do not laugh, because honestly, I just want to punch the person in the face. I'm sorry that I'm obsessed with horror so much to actually admit that, but it's the truth. Ghost Ship is one of those movies that is boring, has barely any likeable characters, a girl that acts like a man (god I hate those..), stupid and predictable scares, bad acting, lame and stupid deaths, no suspense, but yet comes across to people as a masterpiece.

Blow this movie.

copyright (c) 2003, Slimmydee, Used with Permission

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Ghost Ship
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