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Reviewed by: Max - SimplyScripts Reviewer

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Director: Robert Zemeckis
Writers: Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown
Thomas F. Wilson as Biff

Grade: A

No offense to the original, but I found this one much more fun and better. It's absolutely brilliant. Who could have come up with a plot like that? A genius plot. It's going to be an exercise trying to spit this plot out.

Takes place where the first film left off. Marty, his girlfriend Jennifer, and Doc head to the 2015. Doc tells him he needs to help out his kids from going to prison. Once they get there they see tons of futuristic cars and gadgets. Marty heads into the "Cafe 80's" which has electronic waiters and the fast food comes right when you order it. There Marty has a run-in with Griff Tannen (Biff's grandson). Marty gets Griff arrested and which causes his kids not to go to prison. Before Marty goes back to present time he decides to buy an Almanac that has the outcomes of every major sport game between the years 1950-2000. Marty figures if he already knows all the winners of the games he can't lose at betting! Great idea. But Old Biff ends up stealing the Almanac and the car and gives the Almanac to himself back in 1955.

When Marty heads back to 1985 he discovers his town has totally changed. There's murderers, druggies, bikers, and bums littering the streets. Marty wonders until he figures out that since Biff in 1950 got that Almanac he has become rich. And has taken control of the city! Marty has to travel back to 1955 and get back that Almanac!

Great! Pure genus! I haven't had this much fun watching a film since...since...I don't know when! The future is pure eye-candy. Very fun to look at. It also has some pretty funny jokes about the future. Like a Pepsi costs forty-five dollars and people always take umbrellas out in case a flying car is leaking oil. I hope the future ends up looking like this! This film also had a lot more excitement. No matter how many times you watch it you never get bored.

The second half of the movie is even better. Marty has to go back to the previous film where he was stuck in 1955. It was awesome how they re-created the first film. The second half of this film is also the darkest thing in the whole "Back to the Future" series. And I found that cool.

Robert Zemeckis is awesome. Putting together an amazing eye-candy film that never lets up. Bob Gale is a freaking genius. You have to be one to come up with this kind of plot. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd give there best performances of the whole series here. Even thought you can tell Michael J. Fox isn't seventeen anymore because he aged four years between "Part I" and "Part II." A great movie with not-stop excitement and very fun to watch. Very rewatchable.

copyright (c) 2003 Max Colston, used with permission

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