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Reason for removal: Optional

The script was discovered on SimplyScripts and optioned. Please announce my success on the site. I will follow up with you later on where you can see the trailer or see the final film or see an announcement about it or the Face book page about the film/script.
The script was optioned or sold due to my own efforts. Please announce my success on the site. I will follow up with you later on info.
I just want it down.

How long will it take?

I make best effort to get your work deleted as soon as possible. I will replace your script with a message that reads, "Script Removed At The Request of the Writer." It can take up to ten (10) days if I am travelling or on vacation. After your work has been removed, your work may show in search results and search sites may cache those results for a period of time. I don't really have any control over that.

How do you know it is me submitting the request?

I match your email and ip address against the email and ip address used when you originally submitted your work. If they don't jive, I will contact you via email to confirm.

How will I know it is down?

I will send you an email within 10 days specifing when it will be removed.

What happens to the discussion thread?

The discussion thread is nearly always deleted.

(check here that you have read and understood the above paragraph and you are not a robot.)