News Letter - April 16, 2003

The discussion forum is up. I made some modifications. Anyone can post a response to a thread. Any member can open a new thread. So, check it out! Write a DVD reviews or a Movie review

 Simply Scripts - New Scripts on the 'Net

There have been a whole peck of new, original scripts on the Unproduced Scripts section of the site. Here is a sample of what you can find.

Fallen Angels by Stephanie Myers hosted by Simply Scripts (Drama) - Two boys from Utah want to escape the state and choose an easy but dangerous way out. (pdf)

First Love by N. N. Christopher hosted by First Love (Drama) - Falling in love for the first time proves to be more than just happiness and joy for Nick... (text)

Fear the Ripper by Nick Meece hosted by Fear the Ripper (Horror) - College-bound Tucker is having the time of his life. Partying with friends, going on dates, the works! Until one night... (rtf)

Beyond the Badge by Robert C. Johnson hosted by Screenplays by Robert Johnson (Drama) - LAPD Detective Jack Hawk is his own worst enemy, or is he? (html)

LockHawk by The Goose hosted by Simply Scripts (Drama, Crime) - A British Cop is transferred to America, and soon finds his new job tough as him... (html)

The Deadly Deal by Larry Daniels hosted by Simply Scripts (Thriller) - A man must agree to a non-negotiable business proposal that allows him to make use of his awkward talents. (html)

Don't Push It by Arnold Gutu hosted by Simply Scripts (Short, Drama) - His stepfather beats him up every single day. When he goes to school, he gets bullied. His life is pretty much messed up. One day the kids who bully him push him too far. He does the unthinkable... (html)

Lora Connel by Gabriele Leigh hosted by Simply Scripts (Drama, Psychological) - In 1930s Hollywood, a strange actress shows up on a set. Slowly, the secrets about her life are uncovered, but not before somebody dies... (doc)

Love is Suicide by Steph McKernan hosted by Simply Scripts (Drama) - How far will you go for love? (doc)

Murder x 4 by Alex hosted by Simply Scripts (Thriller) - Murder x(times) 4 is about Will Brown, your average Joe, who is not so average. (doc)

 What I've been watching.

Nuth'in. It's spring! The weather is warm. The sun is out. I was rooting in the garden sticking Henry Fields Seeds into the ground.I have a sun burn now...

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