News Letter - January 18, 2004

And now a word about ShowBiz Expo's Entertainment Technology World

ShowBiz Expo's Entertainment Technology World, the nation's premiere pre/production/post event comes roaring to New York City, March 3-6 2004. Focused on the creation, capture, edit, design and delivery of film and digital media. It has been the Film makers nirvana for 2 decades - now expanded for storytellers in commercial production, broadcasting, event and corporate digital media, workshop production and education. Knock'em dead Free activities include "State of the Art" Industry Summits, huge Expo, vendor-sponsored workshops, the ICG Lighting Clinic and POV Show & Tell, Scriptwriters Walk In Pitch Fest, career counseling, tons of parties and networking with industry honchos and film funders. We'll help you create something beautiful. Get your Free Pass or a special 25% discount off of Conference fees,

Please check out the Scriptwriter's Walk-In Pitch Fest (FREE!) and the Syd Fields Screenwriting Master Class!

 What I've been watching (flIk-sin) verb to watch DVDs

Spirited Away - Created by Hayao Miyazaki, this was the highest grossing film in Japanese box-office history. The Fat Kid and the Skinny Kid have watched this nearly everyday for the past month. While Disney is closing down it's 'two-D' animation studio in favor of 'three-D' animation, Sprited Away is a dazzling, hand drawn (two-D) story of a petulant little girl, Chihiro, who is plunged into an alternate reality - a resort for traditional Japanese gods and spirits run by the greedy Yubaba. Chihiro's parents are put under a spell and our little heroine must do whatever's necessary to free them and return back to the human world.

You might want to check out Joblo's DVD review of Spirited Away.

Actually, we enjoyed Spirited Away so much that we bought the Miyazaki 3 Pack (Spirited Away/Castle in the Sky/Kiki's Delivery Service)

 Other Stuff

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