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You have seven days to write a screenplay between 6 and 12 pages. The screenplay must be properly formatted and in PDF format on the following theme:

Fight that Phobia

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror
Rating: Children / Young Adult / Adult
Budget: Open

A character must possess and fight some kind of phobia. And, your last line of dialogue should contain "Rest in Peace". Here is a list of phobias for inspiration.

The scripts are due on Friday, October 20 at 11:59PM HAST (Baker Island Time - this is the last place in the world that it is October 20th in the world aka GMT-12) and must be submitted to this form below.

October 13 at 12 Midnight GMT - Theme and Genre announced.
October 20th at 11:59PM HST (GMT-12) - Scripts are due
(check the timer on the ) October 22st (Sunday edt) - Scripts Posted
October 29th - Writer's Choices submitted
October 31th - Names and writer's choice revealed.

The Gist
6 - 12 pages, properly formatted & saved as a PDF file, Script submitted anonymously, Free to submit, This isn't a contest. There are no prizes. One entry per person.

You can revise your script as many times as you wish up until the deadline.

Participants are strongly encouraged to read and comment/review the scripts submitted.

Do not put your real name on your script. However, please use your real name when submitting your script. (After the challenge closes you can either have your script removed or resubmit with your script with your name on it.)

Please put © 2017 on the bottom left corner of your title page.

There will be a Writer's Choice wherein the participants (and only the participants) will be asked to rate the scripts.

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