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                                                                 FADE IN:

                 INT. BEDROOM - DAY

                 TUCKER (13), stands by his mother's feet at the end of
                 the bed.  A beam of sunlight shines through the window. 
                 His MOTHER (33), lies there sickly, her skin sags off her

                 Tucker slowly moves to the head of the bed, his face
                 filled with sadness, and his eyes drowned with tears. 
                 The sunlight shines over him, his sandy blonde hair seems
                 to glow.  He reaches for his mother with his right arm,
                 his only arm, and grabs her by the wrist.  He squeezes. 
                 She turns her head and looks at her son.  She smiles.

                           My boy.

                 Tucker wipes the tears off of his face with the back of
                 his only hand.

                           Hi Mama.

                 He bends over and kisses her on the cheek.

                                         TUCKER (CONT'D)
                           Do you need anything?

                 She shakes her head.

                           I have everything that I need
                           right here.

                 Tucker's lips tremble.  There is a string of snot
                 dribbling out of his nose.  He SNORTS up the gooey

                           I don't want you to die Mama.

                 She grabs Tucker by his only arm and pulls him closer to
                 her.  He kneels down next to the bed.

                           It's going to happen wether you
                           like it or not Tucker. 
                           I don't want to die either, but
                           God is calling on me to join him
                           in his kingdom.  I guess he just
                           needs me right now.

                 More tears spill out of Tucker's eyes.

                           I need you more than God.

                 Tucker lays his head down on her chest.  She puts her
                 hand behind his head and strokes his hair.

                           I will always be with you Tucker. 
                           No one, not even God himself can
                           stop me.

                 She COUGHS.

                                         MOTHER (CONT'D)
                           You will never be alone.  I
                           promise you that.  Your father and
                           I will always look out for you.

                 Tucker lifts his head and looks into his mother's pale
                 eyes.  There is a tear drop sitting on the top of her
                 cheek bone.

                           Swear to God.

                 She smiles again.

                           Swear to God.

                           And hope to die.

                 She gives out a CHUCKLE.

                           It's already too late for that.

                 Tucker looks away for a second, then turns back to his

                           And hope I die.

                 She raises her arm and glides her hand down the side of
                 his face.

                           And hope you die.

                 Tucker smiles.  He puts his head back on her chest.  He
                 rises with every breath that she takes.  The light from
                 the window shines down on both of them.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           The day Tucker's mother died was
                           the day he knew he had to get out
                           of Astoria, not because he thought
                           it was a shit hole in the middle
                           of butt fuck nowhere, but because
                           there was no one left for him
                           anymore, no one except for Dodger,
                           and Dodger was reason enough to
                           get the out of town.

                                                            FADE TO WHITE.

                                                                 FADE IN:

                 EXT. ASTORIA - DAY

                 Astoria sits in a valley surrounded by mountains, a
                 hidden community cut off by the Pacific ocean.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker once told me that Astoria
                           was not unlike the kind of town
                           that you would find in a Capra
                           film.  Downtown was one street,
                           but you could find anything you
                           needed on that.  There was the
                           local market, the barbershop which
                           had one of those candy striped
                           poles, the beauty salon for the
                           women, the town tavern "Mickey's"
                           where the men went after a long
                           day at work, and of course the
                           Jukebox, which was the local hang
                           out for the kids. 

                 INT. THE JUKEBOX - NIGHT

                 The large fifties diner is packed with kids ranging from
                 twelve to nineteen.  Booths surround the perimeter of the
                 diner.  Elvis's "Heart break hotel" is pulsating out of
                 the speakers.  In one of the booths is Tucker with three
                 of his friends.  There is BENNY (14), HOWARD (12), and
                 ISAAC (12). 
                 The four of them have chocolate milk shakes and fries
                 sitting in front of them.  Tucker takes a sip from his
                 milk shake.

                           So Tucker, did you ask your mom
                           about getting a new Schwinn for
                           your birthday?

                           Uh-huh, but she said she would
                           have to run that idea by with
                           Dodger first.

                                (high pitched voice)
                           What do ya think he'll say?

                 FREEZE ON BENNY

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Now if you're wonderin' why this
                           fourteen year old boy sounds a
                           like an eight year old girl I'll
                           tell you.  It's an unpleasant
                           story, but I'm gonna tell it to ya

                 EXT. BARN - NIGHT

                 The moonlight shines down on the barn below.  The barn is
                 surrounded by a corn field.  Sitting fifty feet away is
                 an outhouse.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           You see young Benny was from
                           Kansas.  I don't recall which
                           town, I don't think Tucker ever
                           told me, but anyway.  Every
                           Saturday night the town had a barn

                 Benny walks out of the barn which is filled with people. 
                 Country MUSIC is heard.  He walks over to the outhouse
                 and opens the door.

                 INT. OUTHOUSE - CONTINUOUS

                 Benny crawls into the hole of the out house.  He lands on
                 his feet, stepping through the towns filth.  In his hands
                 is a flashlight.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           And every Saturday night Benny
                           would crawl into that stinky hole
                           with the hopes of catching a
                           glimpse of the local cunny. 

                 A young GIRL (16), walks into the outhouse.  She lifts up
                 her dress and pulls down her panties.  She sits down over
                 the hole.  Benny turns on his flashlight and stands
                 underneath her.  The young girl looks down at her legs
                 and sees a light shinning through the crack of her
                 thighs.  She SCREAMS and hops off the hole and pulls her
                 panties up.  She looks down and sees Benny standing below
                 her with a grin on his face.

                                         YOUNG GIRL
                           I'm gonna tell my dad on you, ya
                           little pervert!  He's gonna kick
                           your butt from here to St. Louis.

                 She storms out of the outhouse.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Well, after he got caught Benny
                           was banned from the dance, in fact
                           he was not to come close to that
                           barn ever again.  So ole Benny had
                           to find a new way of getting his
                           rocks off.

                 EXT. LAKE - DAY

                 The lake is crowded with people.  Benny walks up along
                 the beach.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Benny became a little more

                 Benny runs up to a GIRL around sixteen, and puts his hand
                 under the top of her bathing suit.  He gives her breast a
                 squeeze then runs away.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           Well a couple of the local farm
                           girls had enough of Benny and his
                           raging hormones and decided to do
                           something about it.

                 Three FARM GIRLS, all around sixteen, grab Benny and drag
                 him behind some bushes.

                           What the heck are you girls doing?

                                         FARM GIRL #1
                           We've had enough of your touches
                           and glares.

                                         FARM GIRL #2
                           Yeah, but after today, you won't
                           feel like looking at us anymore.

                                         FARM GIRL #3
                           Or touching us.  Heck, you won't
                           even have any of those sex dreams
                           anymore.  Not after today.

                 One of the girls takes out a pair of shears and some lye
                 out of a bag.  Benny's eyes open wide.

                           What are you gonna do to me?

                                         FARM GIRL #1
                           We're gonna have you fixed.

                           What do you mean have me fixed?

                 One of the girls pulls Benny's bathing suit off.

                                         BENNY (CONT'D)
                           No!  Please don't!  I swear I'll
                           never bother you again.

                                         FARM GIRL #2
                           Oh you got that right.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Now these girls have lived on a
                           farm all their lives.  They've
                           probably seen hundreds of cows
                           castrated before, hell, they must
                           of done a few themselves cause
                           they knew exactly what they were
                           doing.  I mean a nut sack is just
                           a nut sack, I guess it don't
                           matter who's legs they sag

                 Benny gives out a high pitched SCREAM.

                 INT. THE JUKEBOX - NIGHT

                 The four kids sit in their booth.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           And that's how poor ole Benny
                           ended up soundin' like a
                           kindergartner, wether you wanted
                           to know or not, well now you know

                 Tucker takes another sip from his milk shake.

                           He'll probably say that it's too
                           expensive, maybe for my next

                           Hells bells Tucker.  That ole son
                           of a gun's got more money than
                           Fort Knox I'll tell you what.  I
                           mean he owns the bank for cripe's
                           sake.  He'd be a ding dang dirty
                           liar if he said he couldn't afford

                           First of all he doesn't own the
                           bank.  He's just the manager.  But
                           I do know that it wouldn't empty
                           his pocket book a whole lot, heck,
                           he'd probably wouldn't even

                 The MUSIC switches from Elvis to Buddy Holly.

                           I sure did like this guy.  I wish
                           he never got on that gosh darn
                           plane.  That was a real shame.

                                (high pitched voice)
                           You know, I liked the Big Bopper

                           Jeeze whiz Benny.  Buddy Holly was
                           way better than the Bopper.

                                (high pitched voice)
                           Hey I liked Buddy Holly.  It's
                           just that I liked the Big Bopper

                           You gotta be nuttier than a ten
                           pound fruit cake if you think that
                           the Big Bopper was better than
                           Buddy Holly.

                           I thought Richie Valense was the
                           best out of all of 'em.

                           What the heck are you talkin'
                           about Tucker?  There ain't no way
                           that Richie Valense was better
                           than Buddy Holly, or the Big
                           Bopper for that matter.

                           C'mon.  I mean the guy was only a
                           few years older than us when he

                           So what.  The guy was a spick.

                           Who cares if he was a spick.  He
                           was still a heck of a singer.

                           Yeah, well my old man says that
                           them dirty Mexicans are sneaking
                           across the border and stealing
                           jobs from real American's cause
                           they work for like a penny an

                           My dad says that the Mexicans are
                           worse than the niggers and Jews

                           What does that have to do with
                           Richie Valense.  The guy didn't
                           sneak across the border and steal
                           someone's job.

                           Well my Pa says that it's in their

                           Yeah, well your Pa be full of

                 They all LAUGH and continue to eat their fries and drink
                 their milk shakes.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           I met Tucker in the year of our
                           Lord nineteen fifty nine, but
                           we'll get to that later on I
                           promise you.  First we have to go
                           back four years, to the fall of
                           fifty five.  That was the year
                           that would start a chain of events
                           that would lead to our

                 EXT. TUCKER'S HOUSE - DAY

                 A small white house is surrounded by a white picket fence
                 in a row of houses that all look the same.  The lawn is
                 freshly cut, and there is a flower garden that sits below
                 the front window.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker's home looked like every
                           other house in the neighborhood,
                           even the yards all looked the
                           same.  And in these homes were
                           your average nuclear families.

                 INT. TUCKER'S HOUSE - DAY

                 Tucker lies on his belly in the living room watching
                 television.  His elbows point to the ground, and his
                 hands support his head.  Sitting on the couch behind him
                 is his FATHER (31), with a cigarette hanging out of his
                 mouth.  Tucker's mother enters the room with a glass of
                 scotch in her hands.  She walks over to her husband and
                 gives him the drink.  He puts his cigarette in the
                 ashtray next to him.

                           Thank's dear.

                           You're welcome hon.

                 She leans down and kisses him on the cheek.  He grabs her
                 by the arm and pulls her on top of him.  He kisses her on
                 the lips.  Tucker turns around and GIGGLES.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           They lived the good life, Tucker's
                           family.  I mean his father and
                           mother were a regular Ozzie and

                 EXT. PARK - DAY

                 Tucker and his father stand in the middle of the park
                 with baseball gloves in their hands.  They throw the ball
                 back an forth.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           His father would take him to the
                           park on weekends to play catch.

                           You got one hell of an arm son.

                           You ain't to shabby yourself Pa.

                           Okay son, show me what you got.

                 Tucker smiles.

                           You asked for it.

                 Tucker throws his father the ball.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           His father knew he had a gift. 
                           Not many kids his age could throw
                           as hard, or with such accuracy as
                           Tucker, hell, probably not many
                           adults either.  So his father
                           signed him up for little league.

                 EXT. BASEBALL FIELD - DAY

                 Tucker stands out in left field.  His white uniform is
                 covered with dirt just like all the other boys.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           You see Tucker had a hell of an
                           arm, and this was back when he had
                           two of them.

                 A young BOY (12), stands at the plate.  He takes a hard
                 swing at the ball coming towards him.  He makes contact. 
                 The ball flies far into the air.  Tucker runs to the
                 falling ball and catches it.  Another BOY (13), who is at
                 third base, runs for the home plate.  Tucker throws the
                 ball hard.  It lands only a few feet away from the plate. 
                 The CATCHER (13), grabs it and tags the boy out.  The
                 people in the stands jump up and CHEERS, but no one is as
                 loud as Tucker's father.

                           That's my boy!

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           It was the good life, but like all
                           good things it came to an end.

                 INT. CLASSROOM - DAY

                 Tucker's father stands at the head of the classroom with
                 a textbook in his hands.  He paces back and forth as he
                 reads.  The rows of student's heads are up listening to
                 what he is saying.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker's father was the history
                           teacher at the only high school in
                           Astoria.  He was one of those
                           teachers that everyone liked, and
                           if you happened to be a teenage
                           girl, may have even had a crush

                 I/E. CAR - DAY

                 Tucker's father sits in his car and drives through the
                 main street of town.  He takes a cigarette out from his
                 shirt pocket and puts it in his mouth.  He lights it up
                 and takes a drag.  He comes to a set of stop lights.  He
                 puts his foot on the breaks.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           In November of nineteen fifty
                           five, Tucker's father was on his
                           way home from school. 
                           He was driving through main street
                           like he always did.

                 The light turns green.  He takes his foot of the brakes
                 and begins to move forward.  As Tucker's father reaches
                 the intersection, an old blue pick up truck CRASHES into
                 him from the drivers side.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           Tucker's father was killed
                           instantly.  The man who slammed
                           into him did not die in that
                           accident but of a self inflicted
                           shotgun blast to the face two
                           years later, about the same time
                           Tucker's mother became ill.

                 EXT. CEMETERY - DAY

                 Tucker stands beside his mother holding her hand as they
                 lower his father into the ground.  They are surrounded by
                 twenty or so people, all dressed in black.  Tucker's
                 mother has a black veil over her face.  She lifts it to
                 wipe off her tears with a tissue.  There is a PREACHER
                 (50), standing beside a mound of dirt.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker stood next to his mother
                           strong and true as they lowered
                           his father into the earth.  The
                           preacher gave his usual ashes to
                           ashes and dust to dust speech, a
                           speech he must have given a
                           hundred times before and a speech
                           he will probably give a hundred
                           rimes again.  He knew that he was
                           the man of the house now, and that
                           it was up to him to take care of
                           his mother.

                 INT. BANK - DAY

                 Tellers sit behind rows of booths in the small bank. 
                 There are a couple patrons standing in line.  Tucker's
                 mother sits in the middle booth.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           A few months after the funeral
                           Tucker's mother got a job at the
                           bank of Astoria.  This is where
                           she met Dodger, the man who would
                           become her future husband, and
                           Tucker's future step father.

                 DODGER (40), walks up to Tucker's mother from behind the

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           He had asked her out after only
                           two weeks.  God only knows why she
                           excepted the invitation.  Maybe
                           because she felt lonely, or maybe
                           she thought Tucker needed a man in
                           his life.  There were better
                           catch's out there than Dodger I
                           can tell you that much, but what's
                           done is done, there ain't no goin'
                           back and fixin' it now.

                 INT. CHURCH - DAY

                 The church is filled with people.  Standing up front in a
                 black tuxedo is Dodger, and next to him is Tucker's
                 mother, who is wearing a wedding dress.  Sitting in the
                 front row is Tucker. 

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           After two months of courtship
                           Dodger and Tucker's mother were
                           wed.  And things started out
                           pretty good.

                 EXT. PARK - DAY

                 Tucker and Dodger stand in the middle of the park
                 throwing a baseball back and forth.  Tucker's mother
                 watches from the side.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Dodger took Tucker to the park to
                           play catch, just like his father
                           did before he got plowed into.

                 Tucker throws the ball hard to Dodger.

                           God throw son.

                 Tucker smiles.  Dodger throws him back the ball.

                           This next one's gonna make your
                           palms bleed.

                           Let me have it.

                 Tucker throws the ball.  It flies through the air and
                 SLAMS into Dodger's glove.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           They were a real family again. 
                           Tucker took quite a liking to
                           Dodger, who treated him like a
                           real son.  But the demon, that's
                           what Tucker liked to call it,
                           would soon come out to play. 

                 INT. DODGER'S HOUSE - NIGHT

                 Dodger sits in his chair watching television.  He takes a
                 sip from the Jack Daniel's he is holding in his hand. 
                 Tucker enters the room wearing a pair of muddy shoes.  He
                 walks over to the couch and sits down.  Dodger looks over
                 at him with an angry look on his face.

                           What the hell do you think you're

                 Tucker looks confused.

                           Watching TV.

                 Dodger gets out of his chair and walks over to Tucker and
                 back hands him across the face.

                           Don't you be smart with me boy! 
                           Look at your feet!

                 Tucker looks up at Dodger with tears in his eyes.  He
                 remains silent.  Dodger SMACKS him across the other side
                 of his face.

                                         DODGER (CONT'D)
                           I said look at your feet

                 He looks down at his feet.

                                         DODGER (CONT'D)
                           Now what's on your feet?


                           And what are those shoes covered

                 He looks up again at Dodger.


                           Now take off those shoes and clean
                           up this Goddamn mess!

                           Yes sir.

                 Tucker takes off his shoes and brings them over to the
                 front door.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           It was usually Jack Daniels or
                           Canadian Whiskey that brought out
                           the demon.  Most of the time it
                           consisted of a smack across the
                           face, but sometimes it was worse,
                           much worse.

                 INT. BEDROOM - DAY

                 Tucker's mother stand in front of the bedroom mirror
                 applying make up on the bruises that cover her face.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           His mother would use make up to
                           cover her bruises, and Tucker
                           would just tell people that he
                           fell, and no one was the wiser, I
                           mean kids fall down all the time
                           right, no big deal.  He had hoped
                           that things would change.  Maybe
                           if he talked with Dodger when the
                           demon was asleep he would listen.

                 INT. DODGER'S HOUSE - NIGHT

                 Dodger is once again in his chair watching television. 
                 Tucker slowly approaches him.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker tried this, and the result
                           was disastrous.

                 He reaches Dodger.


                 Dodger looks up at him with a smile on his face.

                           How many times do I have to tell
                           you that you can call me Pa.

                           I'm sorry.  Pa?

                           Yes son.

                           I don't want you to get mad at me.

                           Mad at you for what?

                 Dodger takes out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. 
                 Tucker fidgets with his hands.

                           For what I'm about to say.

                 The smile on Dodger's face disappears.  He takes a drag
                 from his cigarette.  Smoke escapes his mouth.

                           Well what is it boy?  What are you
                           about to say?

                                (more nervous)
                           It's about how you sometimes treat
                           mommy and me.  I mean most of the
                           time you're great, it's just that

                 Dodger takes another drag from his cigarette.


                                (still nervous)
                           I don't think it's you at all, but
                           the drink.

                 Dodger chuckles.  He looks down at hiss lap.  There sits
                 a glass of Jack Daniels.

                           You think I may have a drinking

                 Dodger pick up the glass of Jack Daniels and swallows the

                           No.  It's just that...

                           You ungrateful little shit!  After
                           all I've done for you this is how
                           you repay me.  By coming in here
                           and calling me a lousy drunk! 

                 Tucker backs up.

                           I never called you a lousy drunk.

                           Well you didn't use those exact
                           words, but I think I got the

                           I think you misunderstood me.  I
                           didn't mean it like that I swear! 

                 Dodger gets up on his feet.  He throws the empty glass at
                 Tucker.  It SMASHES right above his left eye.  Glass
                 SHATTERS all over the place.  Tucker SCREAMS, blood
                 gushes out from his cut.  He falls down to his knees with
                 his hands over his face.  His mother runs into the room.

                           What's going on here?

                 She looks down at Tucker who is on his knees SCREAMING.

                                         MOTHER (CONT'D)

                 She runs over to him.  Dodger grabs her by the wrist.

                           The little son of a bitch got out
                           of line.  So I had to put him back
                           in line.  I think he learned his

                           Let go of me!

                 She frees herself from his grip.  She kneels down next to
                 Tucker who is still SCREAMING.

                                         MOTHER (CONT'D)
                           Let me take a look sweetie.

                 His CRIES soften.  He removes his hands from his face. 
                 Blood spills into his eyes.  She takes her apron from
                 around her waist and puts it over his wound.

                                         MOTHER (CONT'D)
                           I'm so sorry baby.

                           I just wanted him to stop hurting

                           I know.

                           It's never gonna stop is it?

                 She rocks back and forth as she holds him in her arms.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           The beatings didn't stop, at least
                           not right away.  Dodger's drinking
                           got worse and worse.  Then came
                           the accident.

                 EXT. STREET - DAY

                 Tucker walks along the sidewalk through the heart of
                 town.  He passes the barber shop and waves to the OLD MAN
                 (70) inside, who appears to be giving someone a shave. 
                 The old man waves back.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker was walking home from
                           school one day and came up to the
                           same intersection where his father
                           was struck just over a year

                 He walks across the intersection looking straight down at
                 the ground.  A 1955 red Chevey SLAMS into him.  His body
                 flies up in the air and lands about ten feet away.

                 INT. HOSPITAL - DAY

                 Tucker lies in bed unconscious.  His face is all bruised
                 and wrapped in bandages.  His right leg is in a cast, and 
                 his left arm is missing from the shoulder down.  Sitting
                 next to him are his mother and Dodger.  Tucker turns his
                 head and opens his eyes.  His mother's face is filled
                 with surprise.  She gets up and wraps her arms around

                           Sweetie you're awake!

                 Dodger pats him on his head.

                           How ya feeling kiddo?

                           My head hurts.

                 Tucker's mother's eyes are filled with tears of joy.

                                         TUCKER (CONT'D)
                           What happened?

                           You were in an accident.  Don't
                           you remember anything?

                           No.  I remember leaving school,
                           but that's about it.

                 Tucker looks down where his arm used to be.  His eyes
                 open wide.

                                         TUCKER (CONT'D)
                           My arm!  What happened to my arm!

                 His mother looks into his eyes.

                           They had to take it off sweetie. 
                           But you're gonna be just fine.

                           My arm!  Get me back my arm!  I
                           want my arm!

                           It's gonna be alright buddy.

                           Where's my arm!

                           It's gone.

                           Mama, please have the doctor's put
                           my arm back on me.  Please!

                 His mother kisses him on his cheek.

                           Don't worry, everything's gonna be

                 Tucker breaks down.  His face is wet from sweat, snot,
                 and tears.  His mother hold him.

                 INT. DODGER'S HOUSE - DAY

                 Tucker limps through the front door.  His mother and
                 Dodger are right behind him.  His face is no longer
                 wrapped in bandages.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Tucker was in that hospital for
                           almost a month before he returned
                           home.  And things had changed. 
                           Dodger promised he would give up
                           drinking, and he did, at least for
                           a while.

                 INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

                 Tucker, his mother, and Dodger sit around the kitchen
                 table.  Tucker tries to cut his food with a knife.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           It took Tucker some time getting
                           used to having only one arm.

                 His mother leans in and takes the knife out of his hand. 
                 Tucker grabs back the knife.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           He didn't want to be treated any
                           different than he was before the

                 Tucker takes his fork and stabs it into his food.  He
                 leaned down and clamps down on the end of the fork with
                 his teeth.  He takes the knife and begins to cut his
                 meal.  He opens his mouth and lifts his head.  He has a
                 huge smile on his face.  Both his mother and Dodger smile

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. PARK - DAY

                 Tucker and Dodger stand at about twenty feet apart. 
                 Tucker has a baseball in his hands.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Dodger brought Tucker back to the
                           park to play catch JUST like they
                           used to DO.  They had to figure a
                           way to make this work, but ole
                           Tucker still had his good arm.

                           Are you ready Pa?

                           Ready as I'm gonna be.

                 Tucker throws the ball to Dodger.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) 
                           He could through that ball just as
                           hard as when he had two arms.

                 EXT. DODGER'S HOUSE - DAY

                 Tucker sits on an old rusted schwinn on the driveway. 
                 His one hand holds on the right handle bar.  Dodger
                 stands behind him.  He starts to peddle.  The schwinn
                 swerves all over the place.  He falls off.  Dodger runs
                 over and helps him up.

                           Are you okay son.

                           Yeah I'm fine.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           He had to learn things all over
                           again, even something as simple as
                           riding a bike was a difficult
                           experience for him, but he always

                 Tucker puts his hand in the middle of the handle bar.  He
                 begins to peddle the bike again.  It swerves a couple
                 times but Tucker manages to keep it from falling.  He
                 rides off the driveway and goes down the street.  Dodger

                 INT. DODGER'S HOUSE - NIGHT

                 Tucker sits in the living room with his mother by his
                 side.  They are watching television.  Dodger walks
                 through the front door.  He has an unhappy look on his
                 face.  He takes his jacket off and puts it on the coat
                 rack.  He looks over at the two of them .

                           Is dinner ready?

                           It'll be another half hour or so. 
                           It's a roast and I put it in a
                           little late.

                           Jesus Christ woman!  I come home
                           from a long day at the office and
                           you ain't even got supper on the
                           table!  You've probably been
                           sittin' on your ass watching
                           television all day!  That's
                           probably why your ass has gotten
                           so big.

                 She gets up off the couch and walks over to him.

                           I'm sorry honey.  It'll be ready
                           soon.  Don't get yourself all
                           worked up over it.

                 She sniffs around Dodger's mouth.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           The demon had returned, she could
                           smell it on him.

                           Have you been drinking?

                 With that, Dodger SMACKS her across the face with the
                 back of his hand.

                           Don't be smart with me bitch! 
                           When I come home I expect supper
                           to be on the table.  You got that!

                 Tucker jumps off the couch and runs over to his mother. 
                 He looks up at Dodger angrily.

                                         DODGER (CONT'D)
                           What the hell are you lookin' at
                           you little son of a bitch?

                           You didn't have to hit her!

                 Dodger grabs him by the arm.

                           You don't raise your voice to me
                           boy!  Do you wanna lose you're
                           other arm?

                           Let go of me!

                 Tucker breaks free of Dodger's grip.

                           Leave him alone, he didn't do

                           He's giving me attitude that's
                           what he's doing.  And I don't take
                           attitude from one armed little

                 Dodger walks away.  Tucker puts his only arm around his
                 mother's waist.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           Things had returned back to
                           The demon was back, and so were
                           the bruises.  And a few months
                           later Tucker's mother became ill.

                 EXT. CEMETERY - DAY

                 Rains pours out of the grey sky.  Tucker and Dodger stand
                 by the grave site, they are surrounded by twenty people. 
                 The minister stands by the casket.  Tucker has no emotion
                 on his face.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           As they lowered his mother into
                           the ground, right next to his
                           father, Tucker had made the
                           decision to high tail it out of
                           town.  He knew things would get
                           worse with Dodger now that his
                           mother was gone, and he was right.

                 INT. DODGER'S HOUSE - NIGHT

                 Tucker is thrown into the wall by Dodger.  A picture
                 hanging from a nail falls down.  The glass BREAKS as it
                 lands on his head.  Dodger walks over to the liquor
                 cabinet and pours himself a glass of whiskey.  Tucker
                 lies on the floor, his nose bleeding.

                           Why do you make me do it son?  Why
                           do you gotta step out of line all
                           the time? 

                 Dodger swallows his glass of whiskey.  Tucker gets up on
                 his feet and wipes the blood from his nose.

                           You're the one who's always out of

                 Dodger looks surprised.

                           What did you just say?

                           You heard me.  Does it make you
                           feel tough beatin' up on a little
                           kid, a little one armed cripple
                           kid at that.

                 Dodger walks up to Tucker.

                           You better shut your mouth boy or
                           I'll shut if for you!

                           Go ahead.  Do it if it makes you
                           feel any better.  I just don't
                           care anymore.

                 Dodger back hands Tucker across the face.

                           Still don't care?

                 Tucker looks straight into his eyes.

                           Not the littlest bit.

                 Dodger back hands him again.

                           How 'bout now?

                           You can do better than that can't

                 Dodger punches him in the stomach.  Tucker falls to his
                 knees.  He looks up at Dodger, then gets up on his feet
                 with his hand over his belly.

                           Had enough?

                           I had enough the day I met you.

                 Dodger punches him in the face.  Tucker falls straight to
                 the ground.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. DODGER'S HOUSE - NIGHT

                 Tucker stuffs his backpack full of clothes.  He walks
                 over to his dresser and grabs a picture of his mother
                 that sits on top.  He puts it in his back pocket.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.)
                           The time had come for him to leave

                 Tucker walks out of his room with his back pack slung
                 over his shoulder.  He walks through the hallway, then
                 heads down the staircase.  Dodger is passed out on the
                 couch, there is an empty bottle of Jack Daniels beside
                 him.  He walks over to Dodger's coat and takes his wallet
                 out from the pocket.  He opens the wallet and grabs the
                 cash inside.  He stuffs the money in his front pant
                 pocket, then puts the wallet back into the jacket.  He
                 turns around and looks over at Dodger.  

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           He took what money he could find,
                           had one last glance of Dodger,
                           then high tailed it out of there.

                 Tucker opens the front door and walks out.

                                         STUBBS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           And the start of Tucker's journey

                                                            FADE TO BLACK.

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