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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
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               THE BENCH

               Written By: Matt Layden


               EXT. PARK - DAY

               It's summer, there's a slight breeze. There are kids
               playing on the playground, with their parents talking to
               each other, but watching their kids at the same time. It's
               a bright and sunny day, no clouds in sight.

               A man dressed all in white with a white hat, sits on a
               nearby park bench, overlooking the bay. He sits there by
               himself, just admiring the scenery. Beside him on the
               ground is a briefcase, it's black. The man looks young, mid
               20's, with black hair. He has a strong face and is
               handsome. He glances at his watch, it appears as if he's
               waiting for someone, or something.

               A homeless man, dressed in raggedy clothing, dirty and old,
               with a beard walks over to the bunch. He is pushing a
               shopping cart, it's full of random garbage. He mumbles to
               himself as he takes a seat next to the man in white.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Do you have a dollar?

               The man in white looks at him with disgust.

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         Can't you dress
                         Appropriate for the situation

               The homeless man looks over at the man in white.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Where's the fun in that? I've
                         already made ten dollars today.

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         What are you going to do with
                         money? It's of no use to you.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         I like fucking them, you know.
                         They think they're all high and
                         mighty over individuals. When in
                         reality, they're all cattle for
                         the slaughter.

               The man in white looks up at the sun over top their heads.
               Then back to the homeless man.

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         I have hope for them.

               The homeless man laughs.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         For these people? These people
                         who mock you? How the heaven can
                         you have hope for them?

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         For the same reason you damn

               The homeless man laughs yet again.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         You amaze me you know that? I see
                         a sin on every street corner. If
                         I turn my head, I'll point three
                         out to you right now. 

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         The ais more good then evil in
                         this world.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         That what you think. You know,
                         I'm not such a bad guy. It's the
                         people here that give me the bad

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         I know what you're capable of.
                         I've seen the torture. I've seen
                         the look on the faces you cast
                         into damnation. 

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         They deserve it. In my world,
                         everybody is either a rapist or a
                         murderer. Back in the day, you
                         and me weren't all that
                         different. I was you're right
                         hand man. Now? Now, it's black
                         and white, up and down, good and
                         evil. Who made it that way?

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         You did.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         No, you see that's where you're
                         wrong, I didn't make it that way.
                         I simply made an alternate place
                         for people to go.
                         Those people, those people made
                         me into what I am today. 

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         If you have to keep telling
                         yourself that.

               The homeless man takes out a cigarette. He offers it to the
               man in white.

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         If you know that I'm going to
                         reject it, why bother to offer?

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         I thought maybe today would be

               The homeless man places the cigarette between his lips and
               lights it. He pauses in between his speech to take a drag
               from the cigarette.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Nice day today isn't it?

                                   MAN IN WHITE

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Too bad it has to end.

               A blue ball rolls beside the man in white. He looks over to
               it and sees a young boy pick it up. The young boy looks in
               the eyes of the man in white and smiles. The boy then runs
               back to his friends to play.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Cute...real cute.

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         It doesn't have to end.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         You know something. People call
                         me the devil. I'm sure what I'm
                         going to tell you, you already
                         know, but I'm telling you this
                         The word devil comes from "deus",
                         which is Latin. It means God.
                         When you speak of the devil, you
                         speak of God. People in this
                         world actually believe that you
                         created this world. They actually
                         think that you created

               The man in white looks over to the homeless man.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         What would it do to them, if they
                         ever learned the truth. If they
                         ever found out that it wasn't you
                         who created them but me. That it
                         was I who made life, it was I who
                         created this world and it was I
                         who created you. 

               The man in white looks back to the beautiful scenery across
               the bay.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Do you think it would create
                         chaos here? Would it officially
                         be the end of the world?

                                   MAN IN WHITE
                         You don't understand. Good will
                         always prevail. Light always
                         breaks through the darkness. It's
                         not about who is more powerful,
                         it's about who they accept.

               The blue ball yet again rolls over to the bunch. This time
               it's on the homeless man's side. The young boy again comes
               to grab it. Before he runs back to his friends, the
               homeless man stops him.

                                   HOMELSS MAN
                         Listen boy, would you like an

               The homeless man pulls an apple from under his raggedy
               clothing. The apple is dark red, and looks delicious. The
               young boy stares at it, his eyes widen. The boy drops the
               blue ball and stares at the apple. He stares at the

                                                       FADE TO BLACK:

               THE END

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