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               Written By: Matt Layden


               EXT. STREET - DAY

               MICHAEL stands at a hot dog stand on the sidewalk in the
               downtown area of a busy city. People are dressed in summer
               clothing and enjoying the sunny day. There are many stores
               around the area and a giant fountain in the middle of a
               nearby park.

               Michael begins to walk around the streets admiring the
               people walking by and the stores. He finishes his hot dog
               and wipes his face with a napkin. A cop talking to a
               homeless man notices Michael and looks at him intensely. 

                         Hey you.

               Michael looks over to the cop and sees that he is walking
               towards him. Michael immediately runs in the opposite

                         Hey, stop!

               The cop begins to chase after Michael, bumping into
               pedestrians along the way.

                         Stop that man.

               Michael pushes people out of his way as he runs from the
               cop. He yells at them as he pushes them.

                         Move, get out of my way.

               Michael runs across the street on a green light, the cars
               swerve to not hit him. The cop runs across the street as
               well to keep up with him. Michael is faster then the cop,
               who is already out of breath, but continuing the chase.

               The cop takes out his hand radio.

                         Suspect on 3rd and main, need
                         back up.

               Michael runs down the busy sidewalk, knocking over people
               and their items they carry. The cop tries his best not to
               hit people, but he still knocks some down. Michael looks
               back to see how far away the cop is. He notices that the
               cop is right on his tail.

                         Jesus. Pick it up Michael.

               Michael runs into a grocery store and down the breakfast
               aisle. The cop runs into the grocery store as well, with
               his gun drawn. 

                         Everyone down now. Get on the

               Customer in the store do as the cop says, even the
               employees. The cop looks down all the aisles and sees
               nothing. He runs to the back of the store. One of the stock
               boys points to a door that leads to the back alley. The cop
               runs out the door and sees Michael climbing a ladder to the

                         Stop, or I'll shoot.

               Michael does not listen to this warning, he continues up
               the ladder. The cop holsters his weapon and climbs the
               ladder as well. Michael makes it to the top of the roof
               runs across to the other side, he jumps to the next store,
               which are connected and only varying in height. The cop
               finally makes it to the top and continues his chase of

               Michael finally reaches the last building and sees there is
               only one way down, jumping. Before he can make a move, the
               cop has his gun drawn and stops him.

                         Put your hands on your head.

               Michael's back is turned the cop, but he does as he says. 

                         What seems to be the problem

                         Slowly, drop down to your knees.

                         I can't do that.

                         Drop down to your god damn knees.

               Michael looks down at the ground below, and jumps. 


               He falls into a table full of apples which are on display.
               The fruit market is the store they are on and Michael
               manages to get up and still run away. The cop sees this and
               does the exact same.

               Michael runs to a nearby train station, he looks back once

                         Jesus, who is this guy?

               The cop, further away, tries to catch up to him. Michael
               runs to the tracks, when a train passing by blocks his way
               to the other side.

               The cop is gaining ground on Michael. Michael begins to run
               along side the train. Finally the train passes by and
               Michael runs pass the tracks. The cop is right behind
               Michael, he's so close he can reach out at grab him. 

                         Freeze Mister.

               The cop grabs Michael, but they both fall to the ground.
               Both of them begin to roll down a hill. They fight with
               each other on the way down, Michael still trying to get
               away and the cop still trying to arrest him.

               They hit the bottom of the hill and Michael is lying face
               down on the ground. The cop pulls his hands behind his back
               and gives him his rights. The cop wipes sweat from his

               He turns Michael over to face him.

                         Oh...sorry. I thought you were
                         someone else.

               The cop takes off Michaels hand cuffs and helps him up.

                         Oh...uh, yeah, no problem.

               The cop dusts off Michael.

                         Alright then...take it easy.

                         Uh, yeah, you too.

               They begin to walk off in the opposite direction.

               The End.

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