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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express 
written permission of the author.


               EXT. GENERAL STORE - NIGHT

               One man stand outside the demolished General Store. The man
               walks under the street light and looks into the sky. His name
               is MARV.

                         Whoever destroyed this good ol
                         General Store at the Mill must die
                         a death, a horrible by me.

               Marv then nods his head. He looks to the ground and see's a
               shotgun with a box of shells next to it.

                         Whoever did this will get their
                         punishment. The good ol' West will
                         have its revenge.

               Marv picks up the shotgun and the box of shells and starts
               walking of in the distance.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. EMPTINESS - NIGHT

               Marv stands by the mountains.

                         I have a feelings whoever did this
                         is around here somewhere.

               A Cabin is seen behind Marv. Marv turns around and sees it.

                         That is it! A Cabin. The person
                         must be in there.

               Marv runs over to the Cabin.

                         We must make a great entrance.
                         Something they will never expect.

               Suddenly a person opens the door and shoots Marv in the head.
               He falls down dead.

               EXT. EMPTINESS

               Marv is standing by the Cabin again.

                         Let's try this one more time.

               Marv looks over at the Cabin. An oil tank is seen next to the
               Cabin. Marv nods his head. He aims the shotgun at the tank
               and pulls the trigger.

               Nothing happens.


               Marv walks over next to the tank. He points his shotgun and
               shoots the tank again. Nothing happens.

                         That's weird.

               A person then comes around the corner. Marv see's him. He
               then shoots the person in the head.

                         Got ya! Hahahahaha.

               Marv then walks to the entrance of the Cabin. He walks

               INT. CABIN

               The Cabin is full of hay and guns.

                         Hot damn!

               Marv grabs a bunch of the guns and puts them in his boots,
               belt, and pants.

               Marv nods his head and leaves the Cabin.

               EXT. OUTSIDE CABIN - NIGHT

               Marv stands outside the Cabin. The wind blows hard.

                         Whoever destroyed the General Store
                         will have hell to play. I will
                         climb the highest mountain, fly on
                         the fastest bird, i will do
                         whatever it takes to get revenge.

               Marv then walks towards the mountains.

               EXT. MOUNTAINS

               Marv is climbing up a mountain. Smoke is seen coming from the
               top of the mountain.

                         A pirates life is the life for me.
                         Just like my good ol' pal Andy. But
                         oh boy i can't forget about me pal
                         dogglebe and this one week
                         challenge that he once gave me. He
                         thought he could trick me. He even
                         called me sissy. He made me get in
                         a pool and i saw George acting a
                         fool. I could of swore i saw Bert
                         but i knew it wasn't true. Just
                         because it was someplace nice and
                         dark doesn't mean it was him. I'll
                         take him to the farm and hang him
                         high. Oh here we are.

               Marv then makes it to the top of the mountain.

               EXT. TOP OF MOUNTAIN

               A man stands before him.

                         Oh my god it's...

                                   GUY JACKSON
                         Guy Jackson.

               GUY JACKSON stands there, smoking a cigarette.

                         I should've known it was you.

                                   GUY JACKSON
                         I am a Soldier of Fortune and no
                         one is taking me down.

                         So it was you. All along it was
                         you!?! Why did you do it.

               Marv stands up on his feet.

                                   GUY JACKSON
                         Ever since the USC lost i have been
                         causing as much havoc as i can.

                         But... What about Don? Was he in
                         the store when you burned it down?

                                   GUY JACKSON
                         Yes. I wanted that mother fucker
                         dead. Ever since i stumbled in on
                         him he has been such a dick towards
                         me. This had to be stopped. And now
                         you stumbled upon me and for that
                         you must die.

               Guy Jackson pushes Marv off the mountain. Marv falls and
               splats on the ground. Blood is everywhere.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY

               A kid is sitting in front of a T.V. screen. He is holding a

                         GOD DAMN THIS GAME SUCKS!

               The kid then throws the controller to the ground.

               BLACK SCREEN

               THE END

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