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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express 
written permission of the author.



                                   Just Don't Shoot Me

               FADE IN:

               INT. MOTEL - TIMELESS


               Short impassioned breathing comes from some undisclosed space.

               The rustle of clothes being torn off.  Lust, desire, the 
               possibility of love all thrown in on this singular moment.

               Perfection.  That in brief moments in perpetrated by short 
               bust of gun-fire in the distant.

                                     MALE VOICE
                         I can't stand you.

               A slam.

                                     FEMALE VOICE
                         You fucking repulse me.

               We hear the faint sound of someone being thrown against the 

               A figure jumps on top.

               Another gunshot. 

                                     MALE VOICE
                         You sick disgusting dyke!

                                     FEMALE VOICE
                         You vile half-shit of a man!

               They kiss, greedily and impassioned.

                                     MALE VOICE
                         I'd kill to fuck your corpse...

               A pause.

                                     FEMALE VOICE

                                     MALE VOICE

                                     FEMALE VOICE
                         Sorry, sorry, that corpse, that's 
                         just no, that's just... just...

                                     MALE VOICE
                         Fucked up?


                                     FEMALE VOICE
                         Just like you.

               They draw back into each other. 


                                     MALE VOICE

                                     FEMALE VOICE

               BAM!  The lights explode on.  

               The Man, Alan, a prematurely grayed thirty year old, with a 
               decent build and piercing green eyes hastily throws the covers 
               over him and the woman, Helen, a blonde bombshell of twenty-

               In the door-frame stands a bulky man.  He is NED SHELTERS, a 
               man in his mid thirties.  

               A rifle rest in his left arm.  His right arm is hidden behind 
               his back. 

               He cocks the rifle single-handed and throws a glance down 
               the hall.

               The man takes a deep breath.  Nervous.

               A moment - an uneasy standstill.


               He steps into the room.  A small Midwestern style room, a 
               small oak dresser lays on the side.  

               A small collected of gifts, some wrapped, some unwrapped lay 
               scattered here and there.

               Another step. 

                                     NED (CONT'D)

               Helen slowly pulls the covers down from her head.  Her hair 
               lays frazzled over her face.

                                     NED (CONT'D)
                         Helen Wells?
                         Alan and Helen Wells?

               The two look at each other, unsure what do.  Unsure how this 
               man can possible know their names.


               Alan finally manages to choke out:


               He pulls Helen close, clutching her in his arms.

               The man slowly draws out his right hand, a small gift rest 
               in it.

                         Sorry about this, just thought I'd 
                         drop this little bugger off.
                         Loved the wedding, so glad I could 
                         attend.  Sorry bout the intrusion, 

               Helen takes the gift and sets it off to the side.

                         Don't worry about it, just startled, 
                         that's all, you know.

                         Yeah, I know.

               He nods.  Alan chuckles.

                         Now, if you'll please...

                         And yes, I'll be on my way, sorry 
                         about this.

               He turns and heads for the door.  As he exits, he is greeted 
               by a hail of gunfire that narrowly misses him.  A bullet 
               skims his left shoulder.

               He promptly fires two shots into the hall and loudly 

                                     NED (CONT'D)
                         Why is everyone always shooting at 

               He slams the door shut.

               Helen and Alan slowly turn towards each other.

                         What a fucking weirdo.  


               Helen slams him into the bed and throws her body against 

                         Some, people, I can never get them... 

                                                                  FADE OUT:

                                                                    THE END

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